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Buying a Pool Table???

We're thinking of getting a pool table and dont want to spend $2,000 on one. My friend said to check walmart, and the have low prices and was wondering if this one was a good one to buy, and if not which inexpensive one on walmart is

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    buying a pool table from walmart is like buying a lemon car.

    Spend the cash for a GOOD table.

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    The ones at walmart are junk. A good pool table has a slate made out of slate. I would look at used ones. I bought a 7 foot bar table for $700 used. It is the real deal. It is very heavy so I paid $200 to have someone move it and set it up in my rec-room. Call your local novelty company (they supply bars with their games) and Im sure they would move it for you. Or call a couple of your buddies that are pretty strong and by them some beer for helping you out.

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    4 or 5 of them would make a good dog house -Try a amusement co they have good used ones for sale ask a local bar owner for adress or ph # -$500-$750 range for a good one but the ones from Wally aint worth thinking about sorry

    Later Johnny

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    6 years ago

    confusing aspect. search from yahoo. it will help!

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