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Can you fall inlove with your girl on the side?

Even if you pretty much only have sex .. no dates ot anything..

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    You can develop a kind of bond that could develop into love. Sex can also be used as a form of communication so it is possible

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    Do you really want to be the girl on the side? I read your other question...but if all you're really doing is having sex, do you ever really talk about anything? Get to know each other? This isn't love and if he really cared about you he wouldn't be with someone else. And when you turn 18, even if he does break up with the other girl and comes to you, who's to say he won't have another new girl on the side? Find someone who respects you, and will call you their girlfriend, and do more with you than have sex.

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    its possible (like most things are) but if she's "on the side" it means that there is already someone "in the middle" who already have everything the girl on the side could never get, even if she's hoping for it. also, the fact that the relationship is only based on sex says it all: the grl on the side is simply being used as a tool and should understand that she deserves so much more and her pride.

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    I think he can imagine himself in love with the "other woman"- just think, no day to day issues, no shared bills or children or household, no extended family to deal with, no holidays or parties to plan or argue over, no emergencies he needs to be a part of or responsibilities to share--- just fun and games and catering to his self esteem. She listens to his problems and tells him he's right and how wonderful he is.

    It's a load of bullsh**!

    But sometimes he doesn't realize until it's too late and he loses the real thing!

    I wish you the best of luck in resolving this crappy situation.

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    It's possible, I suppose, but not very likely. Not speaking from personal experience here, just observations from others I have knowledge of

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