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I asked a realtor if he would reduce his commissionand he said "no any other questions", i got so upset that I

ended the appointment was I wrong


Bobby J.,

You said you purchased right? but have you ever sold? they are 2 totally different playing fields budy.

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    You asked a question....and got an answer, no......what are you whinnin about?? you must have already agreed to his commission, why should

    he lower it? because somebody else told you they thought that it was high?

    your suppose ta do your bargainin' before you sign on the dotted line.....

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    No you are not wrong. It is all part of negotiating the right price for your budget. Frankly I think realtors are crazy to expect 6% (3% to seller 3% to listor) for selling a house. The only people that think 6% is fair, are realtors, spouses of realtors, and realor's mothers.

    I think you are smart to ask for a reduced commission, especially if you plan on doing a lot of the work. If one realtor said no, then shop around, you'll find another willing to work with you. I have also heard that there are realtors that will represent you for a flat rate. Try calling HelpUSell to find out more about this. It's been over a year since I purchase a house so I'm not familer with who the flat rate realtors are.

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    No you were not wrong to end the appointment. As a home seller you have to know what you want out of a Realtor. I will tell you that I take no listing under 6%, and I can honestly say that the difference in what I provide and what a discount realtor provides is immense. And I am not saying one is better than the other, but some homes need no exsposure to be sold, they are lucky enough to be in a location which sells itself with just a MLS# and a sign, which some discount realty agencies can provide for as little as $500. However there are other areas, especially in a slowing market which need exposure and an aggressive agent. In the end, your agent gets 3%, which he/she shares with her brokerage, and then from there has to pay off expenses of selling your home, i.e. adds in papers, fliers, cleaning post moving out, staging, etc. You are not wrong in what decision you make on a Realtor, and I would agree that there may be some Realtors out there charging 6% and realy should be charging $500 for what you are doing. You really just need to feel comfortable and be able to believe in the marketing plan that whatever agent you choose has for your home. I wish you luck in the pursuit of an agent!!! And best of luck in the sale of your home!

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    You were not wrong.

    You shouldn't have gotten upset after he replied "no any other questions" .

    You should have responded with "Yes, I have just one other question. Do you enjoy Ramen Noodle soup?, because with responses like that it's what you'll be eating for a while. Here's 13 cents your next meals on"

    :-) Don't let any Agent get you upset, he's trying to get your business not the other way around.

    Good luck selling your home,


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    NO you are not wrong. Instead of a rate ask for a set price for his/her commission, better yet find another realtor.

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    As someone who is in this business, you were not wrong. If he is going to be rude with you in the beginning, then what is he going to be like when you need him during the sale? Also, I have to question his negotiating ability if he doesn't address the issue as to why he thinks he deserves 6%.


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    No you are not wrong, when you purchase you ALSO pays the commission, because if the home does not get sold their is no commission....... They add it to the sale price...

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    Nope, you were not wrong. Commissions are in fact neg.


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