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Question about fluorescent lighting?

Ok im making custom lighting for my aquarium. I have 2 40 watt bulbs but when i plug the bulbs in they just fliker. I think i need a starter for the bulbs but i dont know. I know the Ballast goes with the bulbs so. and how does a starter work?

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    Proton led engineer in Lyons Georgia says:

    A super bright blue LED that displays light into the water is the way to go!

    I love what you are doing. I just did something similar. I used many blue LED s and the tank is absolutely beautiful. Much better than florescent with no safety issues!

    -Paul Catignani

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    Basically a fluorescent lamp starter or ballast is a kind of electrical capacitor which helps to build enough energy to fire up the tube. Starter and lamp(s) need to be matched up for wattage.

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