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What kind of music do ya'll listen to and who's yo fav. arrtists band?

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    Country - Asleep at the Wheel

    Bluegrass - The Country Gentlemen

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    MUSIC OF CHOICE: Personally I only listen to gospel, contemporary gospel, and inspirational music. On occasion will I listen to some classical.

    ARTIST: You asked for one (right now Toby Mac, but it changes with my moods), but here a portion of my list check 'em out.

    --Third Day, Yolanda Adams, Ayiesha Woods, Toby Mac, Sanctus Real, Donnie McClurkin, Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, Mahalia Jackson, Soul Stirrers, Sandi Patti, Jaci Velasquez, Nicole C. Mullen, Virtue, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Beethoven, Mozart, Cece Winans, etc.

    <<Everyones tastes are different there is no wrong kind of music just what's right for you!>>

    Source(s): My heart. I only listen to artists whose work has been on the up and up (i.e. positive, respectful of all people, don't result to unnecessary name calling). Music that just doesn't move just my head, but my heart on down to my soul as well.
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    I cant get off of this Tori Amos kick I'm on...the more I listen to her songs over and over the more I hear a part within the song that is just so cool lyric wise. I love any band or singer that uses a piano!

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    I listen to a lot of styles of music, I like just about anything with a guitar in it. I've been really digging John Butler Trio for about a month now. I have listened to their new cd over and over, but I still like it.

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    My favorite is genre Alternative. I like Rock too, but not Metal. Country is not my thing, something about it makes me sad. Rap, well I like to dance to Rap, but there's on so much I can take of it.

    My favorite bands are: Cute is What We Aim For, The Cure, Heart, Maroon5, The Fray, and Hoobastank. They are filling all the memory on my iPod.

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    R&B and rap

    i listen to


    Chris Brown

    bone thugs and harmony


    whitney houston

    toni braxton

    boys 2 men

    mariah carrey



    weezie f. baby


    Keyshia Cole


    robin thicke







    brian mcnight

    tre (the truth)

    & much much more!



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    My all time favourite band is Lifehouse. Their 4th album 'Who We Are' is out in stores at the moment. I definitely recommend them if you are into rock. They are awesome. Awe inspiring lyrics and grungy rock melodies.

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    i just listen to da radio, like 89.3 or 101.3 or something, wich is llike pop/rock. I dont really have a fav band.

    Maybe Nsync???

  • I listen to hard rock/ classic rock and heavy mettle.

    My favorite artist is KISS. And my second favorite is Ace Frehley.

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    I love almost every latinamerican music, because I'm a latinamerican girl. My favorites are cumbia, norteñas, merengue, reggetón, mambo, rumbas, rancheras, and flamenco.

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