What is wrong with America that CEDRIC was allowed to stay on...?

"So You Think You Can Dance?" He was the singular person who should have gone tonight. I am s-t-u-n-n-e-d. Anybody else think so?

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    He should have been voted off by the judges last week. They have let two really good male dancers go when it should have been him both weeks that he was in the bottom three. He should have eliminated himself and let the better dancer stay.I can't believe that he wasn't in the bottom three. I really liked Jesus. He shouldn't have gone. What is wrong with America? One thing for sure is that he will never get my sympathy vote and that crap he spouted off last night was to get America's vote. Plus, he's getting a scholarship to Debbie Allen Dance Academy.

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    OMG...I was shocked that he wasn't in the bottom 3. I do not agree with the judges keeping him around to begin with. He's great in his style, but the point of this competition is to be versatile. I think he realized that when he gave his little speech Wed night and maybe that's what got more votes for him. He's definitely not going to make it much further unless he really wows everyone, which I doubt he will. If he's in the bottom 3 again, he's gone, unless someone else really messes up their solo.

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    Cedric? Oh, you mean the Sanjiya of "SYTYCD" >)

    I totally agree Cedric should have been gone on night one instead of Ricky, then to add insult to injury they cut Jimmie and keep Cedric yet again. I'm going to miss Jesus..he was a brilliant dancer

    Now I'm scared that eventually Cedric will be against Hok *my fave*........

  • i agree with texasboy, he cant get out of that hip hop style, he just needs training, he can be really awesome but he really shouldnt have made it this far, i feel for him i really do, and im glad hes goin to that debbie allen academy but i know he got the sympathy vote that kept him out of the bottom three, and jesus is so good, i hate how the judges only judge who stays and who goes by their solo dance from that night, jesus did better than neil, i think he shouldve been voted off, jesus's history on the show is WAY stronger than neil's, and neils "contemporary" dancing is nothing more than gymnastics to me ther is no interpretation

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    outrageous!!!! i liked jesus!!!

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