Router problems?

Does anybody know what kind of router I would need for a laptop with vista,cable internet,LOL I guess thats it but I dont know what to look for I am stuck. Any answers greatly wanted. And also thats all I need to get so I can move my computer around the house without taking the whole cable and stuff right?

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    1 decade ago
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    Check out the link I have in Source. It should display wireless N series routers sorted by ratings.

    You connect the Wireless router directly to your Cable "modem" (network bridge is the correct term).

    Then you can run around the house with your laptop and connect to the wireless network and get internet access.

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    What you would be looking for is a wireless router. It's the same thing as a regular one but broadcasts a wireless signal. Many new laptops nowadays will have built-in wireless cards to pick up that broadcast, but if yours doesn't, that would be an additional part you'd have to purchase. A few reliable companys are Linksys, DLink, and NetGear. Wireless also comes in different types of data transfer speeds: A, B, G and now N. "G" would be the best speed for the money, but "N" is the fastest, although newer, so more expensive. Hope this helps.

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    Your going to need a router/wireless modem some internet service providers have these type of connection but i dont know about cable service providers that have it i know some dsl's have it like Verizon thats what im using now and i have my desktop computer wireless and my laptop wireless including my ps3 and xbox360 and everything works great

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    If your just using it for home, you don't have to get anything to pricey. Pick from a few, Netgear, DLink, Linksys, etc. If you just go into Bestbuy, Walmart or your nearest electronic store, you will find several on sale. Just make sure your laptop wireless card has the same capabilities as your wireless router you are buying. FYI: You plug it in after your cable modem. They have decent enough instructions that usually come with them, if not, shoot me an email.

    I hope this helps, good luck : )

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes, you need a good wireless router.

    linksys, netgear and d-link are good brands with clear setup instructions. pop the cd in your computer and follow the instructions.

    first set up the router with your laptop connected with an ethernet (CAt5) cable. then configure wireless.

    if you put your router in a place that is somewhat central in the house, you should have decent reception almost everywhere. just realize that radio waves do not go through metal or lots of concrete. radio waves travel in straight lines.

    too bad i am too busy at my day job to make housecalls :)

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    any wireless router

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