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My brother is 20 and he drinks.?

My brother drinks, and hes twenty. I drink as well, and I'm a bit younger. I think it would be a fun time if I drank with my brother, and we drank together (his girlfriends 21) how can I tell my brother that me and my sister drink so we can all drink together, with knowing he wont tell our parents that I drink?

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    you are all underage why would he tell? he would be diggin a grave for himself if he told your parents becuase you could turn around and tell them he drinks as well.... just talk to him about it be honest

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    First, you and your brother are under age, so if you are going to drink with him, do it at your home or his girlfriend's home and, please, don't get drunk and don't drive.

    You can casually tell him that you would enjoy trying a drink with him ... a mild one ... and tell him that maybe for a special occasion you could have one together. Just be honest with him, his girlfriend and enjoy a drink with them. One drink and then switch to soda or water ... don't get yourself drunk. That would not only cause problems for you, but your brother and his girlfriend too; and you don't want them mad at you ...

    Good luck! ;>)

  • just tell him. then do it

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