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this is so fcking hard?

if you're a guy who's 18 and you've just graduated from hs and about to go to college in the fall, would you start something with a girl who's 14? she obviously has a crush on you. she somehow found your myspace profile and eventually your sn on aim. she starts talking to you and you just talk back. you seem to be getting along with her. she showed you a picture of her and she looks pretty good. and based on her language, she sounds maturer than her age. would you take advantage of her and go out with her?


im not the guy! im the girl!

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    No, stick to people at least 16. She's way underage anyway....not that you should be doing anything anyway!

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    I wouldn't use the term "taking advantage of her". First of all I don't know what the legal part of this is. I believe age 16 is when a 18 year old or older can date. If you really like her wait a couple of years before starting anything. I'm not saying to not date anyone else. Just let her know that she is to young and later on if you are both single that you would think about it.

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    Not if you're leaving....that's a pretty big age don't want to be worrying about some highschool freshman back home when you should be having a blast in college.

    If YOU are the girl, why did you phrase the entire question so that it sounded like you were the guy? Oh, and leave him alone and let him be a college student. Don't be the girl who's responsible for holding him back.

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    No. It is a sign of maturity that you are even asking about it. It may be flattering and make you feel good, but she is only 14! And you are about to start on a great and wonderous adventure- not to mention meeting girls that are your age and older with experience!!!!!! You don't want to break the girls heart when you leave just to get a piece of a**!

    Tame the testosterone, imagine her as your little sister and don't start something that can be a millstone around your neck when you are ready to move on.

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    No Way! You are legal age and she is only 14 years old. Just be patient and in a few months you will meet plenty of girls at college that are your own age. There is no since in breaking this girl's heart and/or getting yourself into trouble for being with a minor!

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    i can see like at LEAST 15... but no, especially with you leaving... I mean keep talking to her and be friendly you can be friends- but don't lead her on. DON'T take advantage of her, no matter how old she is. She may be much more mature than all girls her age, but have you ever talked to her in person? That is kind of a big one. Think hard! :)

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    you will end up in jail with a 14 year old girl are you insane? And the older you get with more seperation between you and the minor the more time you will do. So you better wise up. Find yourself a college girl and finish school before you get her pregnant!

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    No........Shes jail bait you don't want that on your record and why would you want to be tied down college is to find yourself and learn to. You'll meet other women at school and have fun doing just that. Anyways maybe you should either just be her friend only or not even talk with again in case its to hard for you to think with your head and not your d!ck.

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    i can't believe every one of those people who answered, to the guy, can't read. and if you talk like that all the time,you need your face slapped. you think you know a lot at 14,but, you are an ignorant little girl,who has a lot to learn. you are the typical little brat that brings the baby home for mom & dad to raise for you, while you both grow up.(if ever)

    Source(s): me..a deputy,and i've seen too many of you.
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    Being 18 makes you a legal adult, being 14 she is not, making it both illigal and bizzare. Even if it wasn't illigal with or without concent, what would your friends think if you hooked up with a girl only going into high school.

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    Instead of you going to college your going to be going to jail if you start a relastionship with a 14 teen year old girl.

    Source(s): Me
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