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Why do people find it acceptable to leave a religious pamplet as a tip?

I work as a server while I'm still in college, and it seems that some people find it neccessary to leave a religious pamplet as a tip. I find it incredibly offensive and presumptuous of the customer to assume that I am "without God" and in need of "saving." Did it ever occur to these people that the person waiting on them is of a different faith and they don't need a pamplet telling them about "eternal damnation?"

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    I find it offensive as well. I am not a Christian, and I respect that you have your own beliefs and religion. I know how it is to be a broke college student, and if someone left me a pamplet as a tip, I would be pretty angery.

    I dont like to generalize, but there are alot of people who believe that they are helping you by "Saving your soul" but, honestly I have done my own soul searching, and I have my own beliefs. And not tiping on top of that takes food off my plate, and my shelter. So by saving my "soul" you are essentially telling me that I dont need food, or shelter. I truely hope someone gets some help from that pamplet, but as a student, I would really want to make enough money to not worry where my next meal is coming from.

    I hope you get some better tips!

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    They find it acceptable beacuse they think that they are saving the world. I do not know what it is, but as a woman, I seem to get so many of these. I know that they have good intentions, but those good intentions do not pay my bills. I had a guy take all the tracts he collected one day and wrote all the churches in the area, explaining to them that it was a great insult, and that again, it doesn't pay our bills. One church went so far as to take a collection of money and sent him like 300 bucks. He donated the money to charity, because that wasn't his point. The point was that this is how some of us choose to make our livings...and they just screw us over in so many ways when they do that. My favorite though, is when I get the tract and a quarter. I don't think Ive gotten just the tract as a tip though.

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    Why? They're trying to convert you or think you need saving from the "evil" restaurant business, or they're proselytizing. The first time I ever got one (with no tip) I was just stunned! It's like, "What's wrong with ME to make you think you needed to leave a card?" I find it rude and offensive. It's sort of like someone leaving an AA card at a bar. To push beliefs.

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    I see your point. When I first read your question I was going to answer by saying, it's actually nice for people to leave something like that, but then again, what you stated is very true. You might be of a different faith and perhaps are not in need of "saving" as much as the people leaving the pamphlets. Who knows? Perhaps they think they're doing a good job and makes them feel better.

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    Ohhhh I hate that. Hate hate hate. I think it's a way for people to be cheap and still feel good about themselves. Now, if they left it with the tip...fine. Hey, I don't have to read it. I want to know who else they give it too. Just because I am a waitress does not mean I'm a heathen. But to leave it AS the tip. That's wrong. They know it. I pay bills with my tips. Now I pay a when they don't tip, I actually paid to wait on them. SWEET! Hey, maybe my landlord will accept it as part of the rent!!!

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    These are superstitious people who think that they will be rewarded with eternal life if they succeed in making you believe in their fairy tales of Eden, Noah's Ark and the parting of the Red Sea. They do not tip you because they are cheap and selfish. They rationalize that they are trying to save your soul, but you know better than that because there is no such thing as a soul.

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    I have gotten pamphlets and cards of the churches a couple pastors that frequent the restaurant I work at. I don't know why they find it necessary. I get grumpy on Sundays when I get grumpy tables that think they don't need to tip the servers because they already gave to the collection box.

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    Your question caught my eye cause I do that! Yikes! I have always hoped my extra care for people would not be misinterpreted.

    Do the people who leave you pamplets also leave big tips? Only stupid people leave a tract instead of a tip. I mean, why would someone want to "convert" to a religion promoted by a stingy jerk, right?

    Well, the reason I leave extra tips ALONG with a generous tip is because to have a real relationship with God is the best thing in the world and I want everybody to have it. If we meet in a restaurant it gives me the opportunity to leave you with a tract so that if you don't know Jesus, you can learn a bit more about Him. Same thing goes for the people I serve in my job (I'm a painter). I give complete stangers tracts sometimes. It isn't like I think, "That girl looks especially needful of God because she has a piercing or a tattoo, or she's young (or old) or pregnant or whatever. I just want everyone to know there's a God out there who loves them.

    To know God is to love what He loves and hate what He hates. God loves you so much that maybe when other people who know Him get around you, they just feel like reaching out to you because they love you too.

    If you know something really important, life or death, and you are not sure if someone else knows it, you would share it with them, right? Not because you think you are better or the other person is terrible. You would share it because they are your equal and deserving of the knowledge you have.

    Now, I can't speak for the kinds of tracts people are leaving or for their motivation. There are some pretty religious and condemning tracts out there these days. I would hope they are the kind that just tell you the truth about God's love for you and the truth about what seperates us all from God, sin.

    If these folks are anything like me, they love you and see you as so precious to God they must share what they know with you.

    Meg, if you already know you have the truth, why would it upset you if others try to share truth with you? Wouldn't you see them as sweet people trying to make a difference? Sometimes when something offends me. it is because there's something in my heart that hates to hear I am wrong (even if I am). Do you think you see this as a personal put-down because you are uncomfortable with confronting the Truth the tracts present?

    Maybe God wants your attention. Just because you have a "faith"doesn't mean you have the life God wants for you. Maybe He is trying to reach you and tell you He has something more for you, and wants something more from you. So He is prompting people to leave those tracts.

    No matter what, please don't judge Jesus based on imperfect people. We're all He's got to work with and we can do things the wrong way sometimes, but Jesus' love for you is as deep as the ocean and as constant as the seasons. He is the only Perfect One who knows how to do everything right.

    The folks leaving you these tracts most likely only do so with a heart of love.

    Alot of folks know they should share the Gospel with others but they are nervous or intimidated so they leave tracts instead. It is a baby step to them overcoming their fears and just talking to others about Jesus.

    Well, there's the perspective of a woman who leaves pamphlets for waitresses, talks to her customers about God and prays for strangers. Just doing whatever I can to share this amazing gift of salvation I have received!

    Sorry if these Christians have been rude one moment and then left you a tract the next. That is definitely stupid.

    You are definitely precious to God. There's no need to be defensive about what you believe if you know it is the Truth.


    the churchlady :)

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    I make a point of taking the ones I am given and throwing them directly in the garbage, while looking that person right in the eye.

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    Where the hell do you live?

    That's one of the most absurd things I've ever heard of.

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