Why is my wife jealous of people I knew before we even met.?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You might talk about them fondly without even knowing it. I did that by accident. The memories were good and I should have down played them.

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    depends how do you feel about these people? Are these people women? Have you dated these women? Did you want to date these women? Or vice/versa?

    Some will say shes insecure, or overbearing but maybe she thinks she has a really good thing going and doesnt want someone to mess it up. I know from experience how someone my husband knew before me, can destroy your relationship. Do these people make comments about how they hope your wife wont get mad at you for talking to them, or do they always seem to understand your problems. woman like this are devious, they know what they are doing, but they also know that men dont see it that way. As long as you dont try to spend time with these people in a fashion that may seem strange i.e. dinner then it should be fine, and if it is another woman or women that make her jealous, make sure you treat her with the same respect and kindness you show them. Also she is your wife you have no business hanging out with other women unless they are family without her presence and who ever disagrees with obviously does not understand what a marriage is.

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    Well, this is clearly a sign of your wife being Insecure about her Life & the people you knew long before you met & married. You need to sit her down tell that she has nothing to worry about nothing to feel insecure about for its you i love & ask to marry. Talk openly with her ask her why she's feeling this way & try to resolve it otherwise your wife will never move on & will be feeling Insecure for the rest of her life is that what u want it will eventually break up your marriage. How long have you been married & how old are you both...?


    Normimah 29yrs

    Married 5 Half Years.

    Mother Of 2

    4yr old Daughter Jazmina

    2yr old Son Azhar.

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  • 1 decade ago

    She is insecure with herself, and as a result, insecure with your relationship.

  • 1 decade ago

    She is immature. When she starts it say.... I love you. You are my choice. You are beautiful... hopefully that will end it.

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