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How to cut asian style hair?

i want to cut my friends hair

shes asian and has a olive/oval shaped face

she wants it layered and have a side bang [is it ok for her face shape?]

thank you!

and dont recommend going to a salon or whatever

i wouldnt be asking this question if i was

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    With scissors and a comb

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    A lot of asians get layered with a side bang ^__^ Personally I think this style is perfect for your friend :D If she has a problem with her face being oval or such (not saying that oval or olive shaped face is bad >_<!! ), you can cut it with the side hair pieces a little longer so it covers the sides of her face :3

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    Asian hair is my absolute favorite to cut.........

    but that is after 15 years of intense training and work....

    When done correctly it makes the cut look the absolute best...of ANY HAIR.....

    At Sassoon we seek out Asians because precision cutting & colour looks the best on their hair. for what you want to do....just know that it is very tricky....beCAUSE it is the "perfect" not only will what you do 'right' show......and show well.........

    what you do "wrong" will also.....

    I know many people who know how to cut hair without ever going to cosmetology school, they were 'born' with it....

    It helps tremendously to refine that skill by going to school but not everyone can afford it...

    so maybe you are one of those "born to do hair"

    I was not that lucky...

    not knowing your skill level...

    I would say that cutting the "Sweep" would be your best bet...

    I will say that almost any cut looks good on the Asians

    They are fortunate...

    Source(s): killer chemist
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    You can cut any hairstyle on your friend. Oval is the ideal face shape. Maybe a inverted bob would look cute on her.

    Source(s): I'm a cosmetology student!
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    Side swept bangs would look great. Just remember that their hair is a lot thicker and heavier than ours, so it may not react the same way as ours, depending on the way you cut it.

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    yup its okay with her face shape.

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