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When and Where Can I See Re-Runs of the 6th Season of 24 on TV/Anywhere Else?

Just finished the 5th Season on DVD

That last episode is just calling me to see what happens next on the 6th Season.

So does anyone know where I can watch Re-runs of the 6th Season on TV? Like what channel its on and what time its on?

I live in Orange County if that helps with the channel and times?

Also if anyone has any websites or any other places where I could find episodes of the 6th season

Thank You!

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    If all else has an "Episode Guide" can read the entire season..I know, not as fun as watching it...but you'll know what happened.

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    Re-runs air weekends on local channels in select areas...

    I looked though and Orange County is not listed..

    Re-runs also air weekdays at 2:00 pm on A&E.. However that is just starting up with Season 2 right now, so you would have to wait for Season 6 to cycle around...

    DO NOT read the episode guides. All they will do is ruin everything for you, and the show will not be as exciting when do watch it..

    Otherwise, you will just have to wait until December when the DVDs come out.... It's a long time, I know... but, alas, it is the burden all of us 24 fanatics must bear...... I am beyond missing Jack right now!!! I wish Season 7 could start toworrow!!

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    go to

    it has every tv show imaginable...usually with all seasons...not the best quality, but its free and easy

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