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Are Pets Allowed At Petco Park?

It is where the pets go.


Haha number1beatlesfan!


And Pheonix...I'm not from San Diego. Just Wonderin

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    I dont know, but if they dont, then they shouldnt allow soldiers into soldier stadium either, lol

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    No, except on Tuesday August 14th, which is the Padres annual Dog Days of Summer Promotion. You can get a free ticket for your dog by visiting any San Diego Petco location.

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    Why do people here hate the question ... it's a question that I have actually thought about before but never really looked into it. Petco's slogan is "Where the pets go" so do they let them go to the ballpark? I'm guessing not, but I look forward to finding out if they do or not. Good question kristy owns ur face.

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    Would be rather hypocritical of them if they didn't. My guess is that they don't. Do they even like pets in San Diego?

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    Yes. Hence the name Petco Park.

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    I don't think so, but I think they probably have a special dog day in the park where they allow dog owners to sit in a special section wit their dogs. The A's, Giants, and Dodgers (not sure about LAA) are doing it.

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    Why would pets not be allowed to a park???

    lol good one!

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    lol thats a very good question really really really ironic despite the name...petco...where the pets go...unless its petco park

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    HAHA!!! I'm thinking you're from San Diego. . .but NO, pets are strictly not allowed. . .ironic isn't it??

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