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Why do mormons keep spreading the lie that they're one of the fastest growing religions?



Go to, and add up the number of ACTIVE mormons.

Compared to the claimed 13 million or so mormons, the 4.5 or so million active mormons looks pretty meager. You can see growth rates on there as well. Many countries have negative growth rates. Even these pathetic growth numbers have been show to be exaggerated.

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    I don't think it's a flat out lie, but I do think they twist the truth by not mentioning the fact that at least half of those are inactives.

    It's like IQ scores and penis sizes, people love to exaggerate.

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    This comes from the LDS church's official website:

    New statistics for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, announced at its recent general conference, indicate the Church is rapidly approaching 13 million members worldwide. This steady growth pattern has continued with about a million new members now being added every three years or less.

    These figures were announced just weeks after the National Council of Churches published its 2007 Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches,where it listed The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the fourth-largest religion in the United States. However, the Church itself makes no statistical comparisons with other churches and makes no claim to be the fastest-growing Christian denomination.

    Note that last line especially.

    And later on...

    Church membership growth numbers are often interpreted inaccurately, which can lead to misconceptions in the media, Buckner said. Therefore, it is important to clearly understand what these numbers signify. They represent the number of Church members, but they do not represent activity rates — that is, the number of members attending their local chapels every Sunday.

    Like other faiths, the Church has varying degrees of growth among its members throughout the world. For example, the Church has relatively slow growth in Northern Europe, where many other churches are declining. It has steady and manageable growth in the United States and is expanding rapidly in Africa and South America.

    And here's the link for the full story:

    That was reported in April - the church just passed 13 million members.

    But whatever individual Mormons may tell you, the church itself does not claim to be the fastest growing church.

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    Why is everyone picking on Mormons suddenly?

    Plus. Aren't some Mormons ( I don't know if they all are) polygamists? Would a Polygamist not have many, many children, an extended family they taught their religion to and therefore their numbers would increase quite a bit?

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    Do you have some evidence that shows it is a lie? The statistics I've seen indicate there's a good growth rate.

    Since Mormons tend to have large families and they have 50,000 full time missionaries spreading the word, it doesn't surprise me.

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    Hm I heard that and just assumed that it was true, why would they lie about it?anyways I watched some footage about thier beleifs,and I hope that it was an exaggeration,b.c. otherwise its just ridiculous-well Islam IS one of the fastest growing-

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  • What? We Mormons Dont Lie

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    one, it's not a lie we are one of the fastest growing religions.

    two, no member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a polygamist. If any member of the LDS church were found to be practicing polygamy, they would be promptly excommunicated. Polygamy is illegal in the USA, and therefore, it is against the teachings of the LDS church. You should do a bit of research before you make statements like that... :)

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    I am unaware that it is a lie. I do know the LDS church has a large baptism and conversion rate. But, I don't know how many stay active.

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    What is the fastest growing Religion?

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    Can't answer this one, Pal...every time I answer a Mormon-related question, I get zapped.

    maybe they really ARE the fastest growing religion....hmm...

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