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can we all agree that...?

...the word "wet back" is very offensive?

i have heard it thrown out there as if it were a normal word. i just want to establish that that is an offensive word for those of you who do not know already

that word, i would say, is in equivalence with the "n" word for hispanic people

i know you might be using it to target just illegal immigrants, but the word has been used to define all hispanics as well therefore it has become a taboo period, no matter who it addresses

to make it simpler, its like if i decided that the "n" word would now mean "ignorant person" in my book. i can guarantee you that MANY people would be offended regardless of what it meant to me

and if you are trying to get someone else for insulting you, please gain some decency and realize what you are doing. all you are proving is that people can be very evil inside.

am i correct?


i have never used the word "gringo" directed at anybody

Update 2:

the word "cracker" is, too, a racial slur

Update 3:

and for those of you who suggested, no i am not illegal. read my profile information for details.

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    I agree that it is offensive. Many ignorant/hateful people may use it to define all hispanics, but I think most are referring to those breaking the law.

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    I was to tired to read most of it, but I will agree that's it's very offensive. I've only seen it done recently. I think one person brought it in, and a couple followed suit, but most here has the common sense to avoid that word. I think that some people are a bit angry that others used gringo with some frequency and is retaliating. It's unjustified, because it hurts the innocent while getting at the guilty.

    edit: I some times wonder why I get thumbs down. Did I offend people because I am against calling people racial slurs???

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    You are absolutely right. I have a grandson that has an African American father, and you have no idea how many people I have had say the "n" word around me because they do not know me in a personal sense. I love to casually mention my grandson and his heritage, which is Irish and Native American on my side, and Black. I love to watch their jaws drop and see how they try to backpaddle. No matter to me. That is not someone who would be comfortable around me, anyway. Keep up the great work and you will go far.

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    It's an offensive word.

    I've still never heard anyone say it in my life, I've only seen it used (as opposed to in books or histories) on this web page. I guess I have lived a sheltered life....


    By the way, cracker is not a racist slur. Cracker is an ELITIST slur, and was first used by whites against whites, so you know.

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    Yes I agree with you.

    As to the word gringo that some brought up, it honestly doesnt really bother me. If someone is saying it as an attempt at a slur, chances are other things they are saying are more offensive than gringo. And I have a few mexican friends who say that in a friendly way just joking and I dont mind that at all.

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    You are correct. I seen the one you referred to who has been using it just about every answer. Maybe the one who thinks "gringo" is offensive should go visit San Diego. There is a restaurant that uses it in their menu.

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    Yes,I agree. To the answerer who mentioned the restaurant in S.D. I've been there, great food.

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    YES, it is offensive. You are right and are the one acting like the adult in this issue.

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    No, there is a difference between the "N" word and "*******. The "N" word was used to describe people because of birth - ie a nonoptional aspect.

    "*******" refers to those people who engage in illegal and optional behavior, ie swim the river to come into the USA against the law.

    A ***** is a person who was born that way. A "*******" is a person who engaged in optional behavior.

    See the difference?

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    It is a word used to turn people into objects. It is only through objectifying people, and making them seem less than human, that we can justify treating them horribly and uncompassionately.

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