I need educational advice?

I am hoping to get a MSc in Public Health once I finish my BSc in Psychology. In Public health, I like to concentrate on HEalth promotion and disease prevention.

Along with Health I like to get involved in helping people. SO I thought of doing a dual degree in public health and social welfare. But people tell me that social welfare is a frustrating field, and that I would not get to help that many people. Is this true? I would very much like to help the homeless and the poor. Are there any other dual degree programs which I can follow, and still concentrate on both Health and Social Welfare?...

And also are there any dual MSW/MPH programs in UK?

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    1 decade ago
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    Hi sapphire_wisdom,

    Its great that you want to do degree in social welfare as well as heath. If you want to pursue a dual degree in UK, then its better you visit institutes that help students get admissions in different countries and meet the counselor who will help you to choose the right degree and the right college for you.

    Some of these institutes also help students to get visas and passports.

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