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Am i depressed; can u tell me whats wrong with me?

Ok well, 4 the last 2 years ive been feeling...down most of the time. i mean, im always worried about something, like doing something good, making myself better, striving to succeed and all that. however, when i dont accomplish wut i feel i can accomplish i get really REALLY. and when i think back on my life, i wish i coulda grew up differently-watching my mom leave me when i was 5 for drugs, and ultimately dying 3 years later from a cocaine overdose.

i only feel happy when im with my girlfriend, on the baseball field or basketball court, or playin video games. i knw i have alot 2 be grateful for, and i knw i have it better than others, but i just cant help it- i get good grades, im good in sports, and have a beautiful g/f- but still...

i dont want to see a therapist or w/e cuz i dont have time for one ( i work 50 hours a week, am on a baseball team, and have a full time girlfriend haha)..n e thing else i can do? and do you think there is anything wrong with me?


to Emily J, thats just the thing...idk y but i just REALLY dont want to go on just seems so...idk..not me. never thought i would be one of..those people. guess i shouldnt be so quick to judge huh?

and to everybody else, thanks for the feedback but i guess i should have mentioned i just turned 18...i cant get a good job yet, and i work 50 hours a week to help out at home with the bills and to save up for college (law school isnt cheap haha)

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    If you broke your leg and your girlfriend dumped you, would you be able to make it through knowing your leg would heal and you'd eventually find someone else? If so, you're doing okay.

    If not, you're at risk for some severe problems. Your traumatic past puts you at even greater risk. It's awful what happened to you, and if you never really got the time to process it and feel independent, you absolutely need to address that in therapy before you make any decisions like getting married or having your own kids (feeling in love is not a good enough reason by itself to get married). If you make sure you're absolutely positively prepared, financially and emotionally, to get married and have children before that actually happens, you're virtually guaranteeing your children a better life than the one you've been dealt.

    Clinically speaking, you didn't provide enough information. Depressed people have the mood you describe, plus four more of the following symptoms:

    Loss of interest in normally pleasurable activities

    Loss of concentration

    Insomnia (or hypersomnia)

    Weight loss (or weight gain)


    Daytime fatigue

    Psychomotor agitation

    Suicidal thoughts

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    I know we don't live in a perfect world. It's easy to feel down. I suppose we have to release the past, we can't do anything about it. At least we can try to make the best of the now and tomorrow. If you don't have religion in your life, that could be a big thing you're missing out on. Maybe that's what's missing in you're life.

    Give Christianity a try, not all churches are ideal and none can be perfect, but follow your heart and read the Bible. Calvary Chapel of Fort Lauderdale is wonderful and it fills up with youth. You can view services on their web site. Pastor Bob is a comic, he always makes people laugh during sermons. The web site is

    Make small goals that you want for yourself and work slowly towards it. It's easier to accomplish things in smaller chunks. Like building blocks, maybe that will help you accomplish what your desire is. Enjoy your life, see if you can make a little time here and there even if for 1 or 2 days that you can grab your g/f and go away for a few days. Always go to a new place, short distances you can drive a few hours. The change of scenery now and then might refresh you.

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    It's normal for anyone to get depressed with their life at one point in time. The important thing is not letting it get out of hand, take care of yourself. If it becomes a major problem then would be the time to seek help.

    It sounds like at certain times things don't work out for you, or things from the past surface and get you down.

    It's best to brush these things off, do what you love to do and move on. If that doesn't help, get a new hobby or talk to your girlfriend. It's very possible she will try to help you in any way she can, and communication is a key to a good relationship. If you tell her what is going on getting her fresh perspective maybe be more helpful, and if she truly cares for you, she will support you and do what she can to help you.

    It's normal to have these feelings, and I know that for a fact, the point is controlling them, and living above the past, present, and future set backs. Good Luck and Best Wishes.


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    You fit the criteria for depression, so yes you are. Without therapy I would suggest you start to talk about things whatever they may be (you'd be amazed at what comes up when you just let yourself talk) with your girlfriend perhaps, or a good friend you can trust. Try drawing, writing, or painting out your feelings. You've already got the physical outlet down, that's good. But if all that fails you may simply have to go to see a psychiatrist only to get on medication( depression can be caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain) a routine anti-depression should help to lift the cloud.

    Good luck man!

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    Setting goals that are too high only sets you up for failure, which leads to not feeling worthy. Set real goals, like getting a 4 year degree in six, not two. Realize that life happens and sometime those goals get interupted. Understand that u r not perfect, tho striving to be is good. And lastly love what u have and stop worrying about what u don't.... for in your goals, u will succeed, it just may take more time than you might like. As for the Mom thing,..... it is very difficult to move beyond that.... as a child you feel like it was your fault, and that "only if".... but the truth is that u can not control others action, only your own! Good luck to you and best wishes! p.s. the only thing "wrong" with you is that u work too much.... find time to enjoy what u have!!!

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    First of all, I don't think there is anything wrong with you. You have had ALOT of things happen in your life, and unfortunately, with your mother leaving you, that can scar you pretty bad.

    Second of all, you do have alot going for you! Be thankful that you make good grades, you are good at sports and you have a supportive girlfriend. Some people can only wish for what you have.

    Whatever happens in your life, please remember this, "God doesn't give us anything we can't handle." Whenever I feel over burdened, I always think that, and I do feel better.

    Hope this helps,

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    Are you doing what you want with your life? If not, change.

    If you hate your job, go to college or change jobs. Girlfriends are usually more trouble than good. Eat a healty diet, get regular exercise, get on a good schedule, and get some goals in your life (goals you will enjoy).

    Therapists are expensive, and it is hard to find a good one. That said, good ones can help you.

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    I think that you are a normal human being! Everyone has their ups and downs and considering all that you have been through, it sounds like you are doing well for yourself. Keeping busy always helps and having people in your life that make you feel happy is a good start.

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    What I think is that you're an over achiever and you feel obligated to live up to this standard for others sake. Relax your achievements are effortless. You are smarter than most, don't feel so guilty for being intelligent. enjoy it!

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    maybe ur worried cuz ur afraid ur gonna get fired for some reason maybe lose ur g/f or something

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