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What was the name of this movie?

I saw this movie when i was in 6th grade at school.(Like 14 years ago) It took place right after the civil war. A man was walking back home and he ran into the devil. He sold the devil his soul. The devil told him he could never take a bath wash his clothes shaving anything to clean himself for i think 7 years. In return whenever he would reach into his pocket it would alway be full of money. If he lived the 7 years he could have his soul back. The man enjoys the first few years but later on no one would have anything to do with him because he was so dirty. No matter how much money he gave them. He ends up running into a old man who he helps i think. The old mans wife is dead but he has 3 daughters and promises the man he can have one of his daughters for a wife. Two of the daughters cant stand him because he is so dirty by now. But one of them agrees to marry him. He gives her half of a wedding band and says he will be back in a few years to marry her.


He lives out the rest of his time and he mets the devil back in the dame spot. He makes the devil give him a bath and shave him. Under all this dirt was a handsome man. He travels back to the old mans house and gives the other half of the ring to the daughter. They get married and the other 2 sisters are so jealous they kill themselves. One drowned and the other hung herself on the swing. The devil then says I got two souls for the price of one. This movie scared me so bad when i was young and i wanted to find it and watch it again.

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    It sounds like Bearskin from the Brothers Grimm. I remember that tale. It was crazy!

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    I don't know that movie but according to your writings, it will be a good one. I hope you will find the answer what you want and don't forget to share!!!

  • Man, I don't know but I'd love to see it

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    im with hellogirl what tha #@!%

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    I have 1 thing to say................WHAT THE ****!!!!!!!!!!

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