Can anybody help me?

i need help with my financial problem, i have a student loan that i need to be pay off, and i would like to know if anybody can point me to finding someone who i can trust or some information on getting some grants or money that i don't have to pay back to pay off this loan. everybody has financial problems let's help each other. Please be real and honset with me. thanx for all your help.

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    there isnt any free money if ur looking for that kinda thing. just work as hard as u can, save as much as u can!!! if youre having really hard time dealing with the tuition, then take one year off and work ur butt off. ive seen people taking year off just to save money for college. if u work really hard, having two full time jobs(one full time in the morning, another full time in the evening), or one full and one part time, you will be able to make enough to cover one year tuition. (college ends in may, and starts in sep, so its about 16months!!!! if you can SAVE up to $2500 per month, (SAVE, not earn) 2500 x 16 = 40K !!!!!)

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    There is a way to have your federal student loans forgiven by the government. If you work with underprivileged children for a couple of years your loans will be forgiven. You get so much forgiven for every year you work with such kids. I found this out when I applied for employment with an organization called "Girls and Boys Town" headquartered in Omaha, NE.

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    In Canada, both levels of government provincial and federal have grants and a program called "loan forgiveness."

    In the USA, governments have programs too. Your government representative(s) in your area for the state and federal levels will be the best ones to put you in touch with the right people at the Education Offices.

    At the federal level it is the "State Education Office" that has these programs (but I would still call the government rep's office for assistance):

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