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Do you care what other people think about you?

i try not to but whenever i find out someone has a problem with me i must have a reason.

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    i try not to.

    but lets face it, caring what people think is human nature.

    if you say you dont care about what others are saying about you, then your just lying to yourself.

    somewhere, some part of you cares.

    so yes, i do care. but i just try not to let it get to me.

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    I care if it's someone that I have respect for. If I don't know them or they don't know me, Who cares... It's like the last time I was in Europe. There was some finger pointing and eyes rolling and a few whispers about "that American". They don't know me and we never had any interaction but they formed an opinion just by nationality. Who cares

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    I really dont care what people think about me. I did for years and had a terrible problem with self esteem. After my divorce I became liberated and I do what I want for me and dont care what others say or think about me.

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    I try to let it slide.

    I am not here to displease others. I am here to make a difference in this world in a good way. I hope that I do not offend others in my ways. I know I have unintentionally but, I suppose that is due to their own self image issues.

    I just do my personal best and live my life my way.

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    Being accepted is one of the basic human needs. How else will you know you are doing things right or really screwing up if people don't tell you, and how do you improve yourself if you don't listen to them? Those who say they don't care are trying to fool themselves.

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    I am pretty much the same. The older I get, the more I don`t care as much..especially if that person is dead wrong about me anyway. If they are right, or could be right..I may have to think about it.

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    You are what you are, if you try to be someone else based on someone else's judgment, you will never be yourself. Basically, no you shouldn't care what other think of you, they either accept you or they don't. That is all there is to it.

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    i do but when i realize that someone doesn't like me i say to myself "who cares thats only one person, everybody else likes me"

    generally i try to make a good impression on others

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