I have an invention idea...?

I have a really good invention that could make a lot of money. It's something that could eventually be used internationally. It has to do with safety and the government would be the one to use it for public safety. I also think that it would save thousands if not millions of lives. I'm only 16 and I've mentioned it to my mom and dad several times, but you know how it is, they just say that it's a good idea, but won't do anything about it. Any suggestions? Thanks to any answers that come my way!

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    check to make sure your invention isn't already being made by someone else. After that, look to patent it ( it will cost roughly $20,000 to do.. Then you can either produce your product, or sell the patent rights to someone.

    If you live near a university, or know someone in engineering, or the appropriate field, talk to them. They will probably be willing to help you out with it if it's a really stellar idea. But expect that they will want a piece of the profit too probably.

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    i understand where your coming from about the age. if your really keen on it researh the costs, any sort of information you need in detail. and maybe you can present your parents with it (sort of like a 'business plan', but to your parents. i think a good person to talk to abotu this is a teacher that you like (if there is one lol) or a bank manager. if i were you iwouldnt tell them your idea, but try and explain to them about your situation and the possible capital issues that may arise.

    so my advice to u is..

    PLAN IT!

    research it heaps. and do a bit of MARKETING. find out your target market, and how you will be able to attract people to it (once it gets started ofcourse)

    talk to your parents in detail with them, and explain to them your commitment and the seriousness of your idea. if your present to them maturity, and your level of planning (so it indicated that you have a good idea of what your doing and where your heading), your level of commitment, and the role you wish for them to play in this entrepeneural invention.


    if you have any ideas about products i (as a student t0o) will be able to sell or somthing liek that to make money, id appreciate it if u give me ur input


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    Get a patent on it before you show it to anybody or

    someone else will, for your own safety. :-})

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