Cross country travel in Europe?

I'm just curious how hard what it be to do this? Would kind of papers would I need? Also I would want to use a car, not a plane, so could I buy a car in Europe and use it there, or what? I'm completely clueless as to the process to go through this. Does anyone know a good site that could help me find this information?


It'd probably help if I added I'm from the U.S.

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    Here's a link to a site with a lot of info on driving regulations, traffic signs, etc., for driving in Europe:

    I was living in Europe and bought a car and drove it around; when I worked in the Balkans, I had a work-provided car that I also drove around that part of Europe. I had diplomatic status in both areas so didn't have to get additional permits (although I did buy insurance for my private car and had to do the paperwork to register it to me). People sell used vehicles all the time -- I am not sure whether you have to be a legal resident or not (I was).

    I've also rented cars in Ireland, Scotland and England (for that, I was able to use my US driver's license).

    Gas was a lot more expensive than in the US, and so was my insurance. Tolls for roads, tunnels, etc., also add up so factor those into your budgets (especially since the exchange is so bad these days).

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