Which kingdom do Ex Mormons go to in the Afterlife?

Celestial? Terrestrial? Telestial? Outer Darkness?

I highly doubt Outer Darkness. That is reserved for people that have seen God and then later deny it. I don't know of any Mormons that have seen God.


What, you've never wondered what happens to people that have 'fallen away'? I would think that would be a good discussion question for Elders Quorum or Relief Society.

I mean, you'd want to make sure you didn't go to the same place as those terrible Ex Mormons.

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    I'm a little disappointed. I heard the music is soooo much better in the OD.

    Speaking of 'Seeing God", even Gordon denied every 'seeing' god, and Dallin cautioned members from asking "What does Jesus look like?"

    Hell, Jesus told Joseph Smith how to subdivide property and what to charge, and the how to get out of Ohio...

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    It does not matter what we call ourselves or what WE believe, because we are all subject to God's rule.

    True Christians seek to find out just what God wants.

    And the closest thing we have to find that out is God's Bible.

    And IT says;

    (Psalm 37:9) For evildoers themselves will be cut off, But those hoping in Jehovah are the ones that will possess the earth.

    (Psalm 37:11) But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth, And they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.

    (Psalm 37:29) The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it.

    (Psalm 37:34) Hope in Jehovah and keep his way, And he will exalt you to take possession of the earth. When the wicked ones are cut off, you will see [it].

    So everyones future is on the earth.

    If you happen to be VERY SPECIAL, doing everythging God's way, you may be chosen for that very small, very special group;

    (Revelation 20:4) And I saw thrones, and there were those who sat down on them, and power of judging was given them. Yes, I saw the souls of those executed with the ax for the witness they bore to Jesus and for speaking about God, and those who had worshiped neither the wild beast nor its image and who had not received the mark upon their forehead and upon their hand. And they came to life and ruled as kings with the Christ for a thousand years.

    Mormons, at the moment, are not promoting the Bible, but instead the book of Mormon.

    Because of this, none would qualify for the special group.

    Source(s): NWT
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    surely, i'm not sure. possibilities are high, the hot-call element surely is in all probability in connection with the temple ordinance, yet i in my opinion do not understand for particular. this is metaphorical, and it could not. I discern on condition that my hubby hasn't gotten his, this is the two metaphorical or he's (we are?) not waiting for it yet. I heard an analogy as quickly as- (surely this grow to be utilized to a thoroughly different situation, whether it quite works right here, too.) electrical energy is large, authentic? It lighting fixtures our homes, chefs our meals, washes and dries our outfits, and so forth. So why do not we provide it to each physique?... Cuz some human beings (enable's say sons and daughters/toddlers) are not waiting for it- it might marvel the stuffin's outa them! So why do not we've our own Urim/Thummim? cuz we at the instant are not waiting for it- that kinda data might marvel the stuffin's outa us. we are nonetheless under condemnation for not examining/utilizing the BoM like we ought to continuously. Why might God provide us greater to ignore approximately?

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    Probably Telestial, because you have rejected the Gospel of Christ after having known it. I agree, you probably will not go to OD.

    EDIT: and yes Mormons have seen God. the prophets have. and apostles.

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    It has nothing to do with being an ex-Mormon. It has to do with your relationship with God and if you have repented of your sins.

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    Just like everyone else, they will go to a kingdom that has laws they feel comfortable with obeying.

    God wants everyone to be as happy as they are willing to be.

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    None of the above. Once you're an ex, all that bullsh*t is completely irrelevant.

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    I'm exmormon and I'm going wherever my friends and family go. (In other words, that whole Kingdom crap is bullshit).

  • Why do you ask? someday you will know it anyways.

    Source(s): LDS!!!! :)
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