how to approach a guy haha...?

alright so i work at a place where all the same ppl come in every day. theres just one guy that seems to stand out. i have never let myself approach a guy, i always seem to just let them come to me. but it looks like thats not gonna work this time lol. i asked other ppl and they kept giving me cheezy lines to say & im not even a very flirty type girl to begin with anyways. so what should i do? yeah i shouldnt be afraid of rejection becos theres so many guys out there but it would be akward if i got rejected then had to still face him everyday, yall know what i mean? but whenever i serve him his meals ( i work at a resturant ) or something he always makes eye contact for a long time and smiles even when im not even much looking. but hey, you never know if thats becos hes into me or he just has a starring problem lol. any suggestions?? i dont want to come off too desperate or whatever u want to call it, becos im not, im just looking & hes the only one ive been looking at!!

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    First of all, don't use any pick up lines or anything like that. Most guys find that very unattractive. The next time you serve him his meal start to make small talk with him. Do this for a day or two and then ask him if he would like to have a cup of cofee with you or something.

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    1) In todays society, it would be better if the women would let the men know they are interested. Use something of the following:

    a) Get some personal calling (as in business) cards with your contact info.

    b) get something small and simple that you can drop, along with a card such that if he is resposive, he should go to pick up for you.

    c) Tell him to keep the calling card, and that it would be ok for him to call if he wants. Then leave it at that.

    You would have told him the most important thing, that it is ok for him to be interested in you. Far too many women get upset when a man shows interest these days.

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    Well, I can tell you what my sister did and she was in a similiar situation except for the situation was reversed. She was the diner and the one she was interested in was the one serving her food. She was instantly attracted to him and so what she did was write a note with her name and number on it and have someone give it to him. Now, that would be hard to do in your situation, but you could do this when you hand him his ticket. If he's interested in you, he won't be offended at all. He will call you. If not, well........then, you know....... In my sister's case, it worked wonderfully and they have been married now for 5 glorious years and lived together for 2. Good luck.

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