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find the angular momentum of the record. please help its due tomorrow!!?

a 0.015 kg record with a radius of 15 cm rotates with an angular speed of 33 1/3 rpm. find the angular momentum of the record.

are u supposed to convert 33 1/3 to seconds? or what???? could someone please work it out for me so i could see and learn how to do it? thanks so much!

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    It's I*ω

    I = mass moment of inertia = 1/2 * m*r^2

    = 1/2 * 0.015 * 0.15^2

    ω = 100/3 * 2π / 60

    we need to convert rpm to radians per second

    Ang mom = 5.89 x 10^-4 kg m^2 / s

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    Find Angular Momentum

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    L=I X W

    I=moent of inertia of the disc with refeence to the axis passing through its centre that is I=(MR)R/2

    to convert angular speed one revoluion =2 pie radians

    where Pie = 22/7

    and minute=60 seconds

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