how do i catch latias on Pokemon sapphire version?


and also can pikachu to follow you on sapphire version

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    Pikachu can only follow you on Yellow version, I think.

    To catch Latias, you have to beat the Elite Four first. After that, Latias will randomly appear in grasses, water, etc. If you want to find it, look in the Pokedex after you encountered her one time. It'll tell you where she is. I highly recommend using the Master ball to catch Latias, seeing as how using arena trap or any other special abilities limits the amount of attacks used to make the capture more successful. Other pokemon are easy to catch without the master ball, but Latias would be a good pokemon to use it on because she always flees before you can attack her more than once.

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    It's a random encounter in grass for Latias. You can't get Pikachu to follow you. Arena trap doesn't work because Latias has Levitate, however mean look and other similar moves do.

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    put a level 30 to 39 pokemon on your first party.then go to any grass,use max repel and save your game.then you walk around the grass.if no latias appear off and on and walk on the grass again till you find latias.Another way is that you call yours friend to trade to you a latias just to get the data of latias and trade latias to your friend back.After that,go to your will be able to see where is latias now.Real.

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    Beat the Elite Four, then just run around anywhere until you find Latias. Repels help.

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    You need to have your starter Pokemon have Arena Trap or some other move that will keep it from fleeing. Then you'll be able to catch it with Ultra Balls. I like Arena Trap because it's not a move so you don't have to worry if your Pokemon is faster to where you get to go first.

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