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Sweaty hands before job interview?

I am faced with a big dilemma: I have my first job interview tomorrow and obviously I am so not prepared making me more scared.

anyways, my hands are ALWAYS very sweaty. I understand this is a medical condition.

I need to know: what can I do to prevent looking like a shaking, quivering dog tomorrow?

I'll come off as insecure because my hands sweat so much. Surgery = not an option, the interview is tomorrow!

PLEASE! Help me? Any help is very appreciated!

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    i too suffer from this dilemma.

    what can work is sprinkle (make sure you really just sprinkle) some baby powder on your sweaty hands as you wait to go in...rub in the baby powder so your hands dont appear white or wipe any off in places.

    but this should work, as long as you are confident in every other department the interviewer won't notice anything

    hopefully the room is humid so your interviewers hands are warm too. hahaha

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    My brother found that when he first started out in his industry, his hands came out like wet fish when it was time to shake on something!

    The sollution:

    Keep a hanky in your right pocket and squeeze hard when your palm is dripping...

    Try not to drink too many coffees before your meeting and breathe easy!

    Maybe a quarter of a sleeping tablet wouldn't go amiss..... ;)

    Good luck!

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    I used to have that problem before a big speech or presentation. What I found to work best was to be as best possibly prepared before the event, and right before take a moment to breathe slowly and deeply for a few seconds after this I found myself to be much more relaxed.

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    try putting on some baby powder or gold bond powder on your hands half hour before the should help to keep dry and absorbe moisture.

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    baby powder

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