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OK, I know I'm depressed and I think about suicide sometimes. I could never kill myself I know that so it doesnt worry me except I wanna see what It means. When I think about it, its not how I would do it but I will get depressed and think that death is the easy way out. I don't want to die.

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    Drugs alone will NOT make you feel better. Depression has roots in biology (although NO causal relationship has ever been established), but it is a social-psychological disorder.

    Not wanting to die is a great sign that you can get better. Find a therapist you connect well with and be open and honest about what's going on with you. I promise you, if you put the work in to feel better, you will. (It is not a quick-fix disorder, though, so be patient.)

    Source(s): Masters student, psychology.
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    sir depression is a medical disease caused by chemical in the brain not working properly there is no reason to be embarrassed seek help from your Doctor immediately drugs today will have you feeling Happy and like yourself in a few weeks please do no suffer unnecessarily. your PCP Can probably help you good luck

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