What should i do? (conflicting friends)?

What do i do when one friend likes me more than a friend, but i dont like them like that, never will. When i hang out with some of my other friends, then they get jelous and get mad at me. I dont want to lose either friendships, but......I NEED HELP!!!! any suggestions would help (NO CRAP)

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    try being honest with your friend that likes you...tell them that you just do not feel this way about them, and really value your friendship together. and you also dont want to jeopradize what you already having. a relationship between two good friends could mess things up between you later in life...explain that to them and hopefully they will understand. try to see if these two groups of friends can come together and be friends with each other so you dont have to have the conflict between them as well...just be honest and talk to them..good luck

  • Jen
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    1 decade ago

    Never say never ... Three yeras from now she might surprise ya! So don't burn your bridges.

    Okay, seriously, for now ,...

    You MUST nip this in the bud by setting your limits now. Tell her your value her friendship, and you're not just saying this, because it's really been bothering you. You're really worried about this. But you just don't feel the chemistry. And even if you did, you wouldn't want to do anything about it, because it would ruin what you have now.

    I've got to warn you, though. If she isn't going to stop acting up every time you're with others, you'll have to be more pushy.

    Trust me. It's much better to just say this than to keep letting her fantasize about the possibility of being with you one day.

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    Its going to be difficult and uncomfortable unless you have a face to face confrontation. You need to talk to this friend privately and let them know how you feel and tell this person honestly how you feel, do not beat around the bush. Its better to be honest instead of letting them think they have something special with you. Let them know that you are glad to still be friends with them but only friends and nothing more. good luck.

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