What are the three best signs in astrology for one person to have?

I asked this earlier and some of you didn't know what I ment I 'll explain now . In astrology you have a birth chart on this birth chart you have a sun sign, a moon sign and a rising sign. I am a Virgo rising, a Taurus sun and a Pisces moon I am all three signs. No one has just one sign this is why alot of people do not act how there (horoscopes ) say they should. In astrology you learn this.

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    I have studied astrology for a long, long time and in particular now practise Traditional Astrology. This type of Astrology relies much more heavily on the strength of the various planets in the signs, than does 'normal' or 'modern' or 'psychological' Astrology.

    The answer to your question from a Traditional Astrological perspective may be quite simple and straightforward!!

    The Sun rules the sign of Leo and therefore has most essential strength in this sign. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer and is therefore strongest in this sign.

    As for the Ascendant, this is a more difficult question as there is no strength or weakness to this position. However, the planets do have strength or weakness in various houses and perhaps the strongest place for them to be is in the 10th house, so the Sun is above the horizon and this would probably give you an Ascendant of maybe Libra, but this depends on the time of year and also the place in the zodiac.

    Bet you wish you'd never asked. Sorry but I am a bit bored just now - ha ha ha!!

    Good luck and thanks for asking an interesting question!

    Source(s): Try William Lilly 'Christian Astrology' 1647
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    5 years ago

    I've seen some people, especially Leos, that are described perfectly. Possibly the stronger personalitied signs are easier to identify. Virgo men seem to be quite left-brained and make good CPAs and MBAs. I don't know why it is, but it appears to have narrowed in on certain facets of the personality. Perhaps it has to do with the atmosphere going on in an area where and when a person is born (Jan- north-snow, August-south-heat), who knows. We sometimes have to believe things on merit alone. I'm a virgo, and fall somewhat into the sign's description, but I've found my Chinese astrology much more on target. I'm the "dog", and it's now the year of the rat.

  • Ian M
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    1 decade ago

    Regardless, there's absolutely no way to answer the question. There's no one combination that's any better than the others. They all affect your personality in different ways. If you gave some criteria, it may be more clear the type of answer you are looking for. For example, if you value being outgoing more than introverted. Otherwise, we might have very different opinions on what's best. By the by, Sagittarius rising and sun, moon in Scorpio.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm an Aquarius rising, A Scorpio sun and a Sagittarius moon.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why, mine of course. Sun in Pisces, Moon in Capricorn and Leo Rising!!

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    All I know is that I'm a Leo. Maybe you can tell me what my other 2 signs are. Old man. Birthday is 08-17-44. I married a "Virgo". It lasted 13 years. Maybe we weren't compatible.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    virgo taurus pisces? those r DEFINATELY not the 3 best signs 2 have. hey shelly

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I guess the best for me would be the ones I have.

    Sun in Libra

    Moon in Virgo

    Capricorn Rising.

  • Vin A
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    1 decade ago

    Sun in first home. Rahu, ketu in the last

  • 1 decade ago

    They say saggitarius are like all the signs combined

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