Help! I think my mom is thinking of drounding herself in our pool!?

My mom's medication got changed a fue days ago yesterday and today my dad staied home w/ her (my older sis and me are out of school for the summer) my mom has been taking the other medication for a cupple of years, and all of a sudden they changed it, my dad ,wich also takes medication, says what is going on, w/ my mom right now, happens everytime they change medication, what really scares me is my dad, while i was filling up my water bottle with water, wispered in my ear "don't let your mom in the pool, you need to pay real close attention to that" a min after that he went outside and looked the pool gates and looked the door leading to the back door then told me he had the key. i'm really scared! about 20 min. after that i heard my dad, mom, and sis get dominos out from the familey room so i went in there and played the game w/ them, we did not play the game exactly though we turned all the pieces upside up and just tried to conect all of them together, sometime durring that my mom


said that the game was confusing

my question is when this happens does the person this is happening to have memory loss?

how long does this last for?

what can i do?

Update 2:

any other advice would be welcome

Update 3:

thanx so much

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    Maybe she could slip and fall and hit her head on the bottom of the pool and drown. Sometimes medication can make you dizzy or drowsy or perhaps a bit clumsier than usual. I believe unsupervised visits to the pool should be out of the question for awhile. Until she acclimates to the new medication she is on. Trust your Mom and Dad. There are no perfect parents, but most parents, despite some flaws here and there, love their kids and their spouses. Most the time, I'd say 99% of the time.

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    You, your sis, and your dad are not professionals.. If you feel like she is capable of harming herself .. you need to talk to your dad about having her put into a mental hospital until her medication is regulated. This is her life, its not the time to worry about offending her.. ya know? He needs to understand that this is too serious for you guys to try to handle. Not only that, this is going to cause your family sycological problems having to deal with such intense stress.

    If your dad cannot communicate this reasonably, you may have to ask another adult family member who understands her situation.

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    Talk to her psychologist/psychiatrist and tell him/her your worries and why you feel that way. On a more personal matter, please pay better attention in school, your spell made it almost painful to read your question.

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    1 decade ago

    ok i cant help you get someone near you to help.

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