Cymbalta for back problems?

I have several back problems, bulging disk laying on a nerve. Arthritis, stenosis etc. I went to the pain management doctor today. His recommended treatment was spinal injections with physical rehab, but as both of these are so expensive and I have no insurance, he is going to write a letter for me to take to local hospital to see if they will help.

Meantime he put me on Cymbalta, how does this work with back pain? I've never heard of an anti-depressant for pain? He swore it would help with the pain and numbness, I guess we will see. Just wondering if anyone has any advise or experience with this drug.


The doctor also recommended spinal injections, but I've been told by 5 people that I know not to do those. What's the complications I also have right sided heart failure, heard they sometimes make your blood pressure rise. I also have an arachnoid cyst in brain would this cause any more danger in refrence to the injections.

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    Anti-depressants have been used for a long time in patients suffering from chronic pain syndromes. The theory (and it seems to prove correct in most patients) that the brain chemistry gets "off" due to chronic pain and over-emphasizes the intensity of the pain. By using the antidepressants that brain chemistry can be brought to a more normal state. Cymbalta is in a class called serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI's). Serotonin is a chemical in your brain that when it is released from cells into the bloodstream makes you "feel good". When that chemical goes back into the cells, you don't feel so good. The antidepressants used nowdays like Cymbalta will keep the serotonin circulating in the bloodstream at a more normal level. I have had really good luck with it in most of my patients. More and more of the pain management specialists are using this type of treatment instead of, or as a suppliment to, narcotic pain medication due to the risk of addiction with narcotics and the risk of getting sued if the patient becomes addicted.

    **As far as the trigger point injections, I have seen about 50-50 half the patients think it is a miracle and half will have no benefit and some complications. Only your doctor can evaluate the risk and benefit for YOU, based on your history and responses to previous treatments. Ask what his/her success rate is and what is the most serious complication he has ever had. You need to have this dialogue with the physician seeing you. Also, don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion--no Dr./PA/NP knows it all--sometimes a fresh look at things can bring about new ideas--any provider worth their salt should not be afraid of referring you for a second opinion. Check with you local Salvation Army or Friends of Man-they may be able to offer you some help with the financial stuff.

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    30mg is a low dose. Most adults take 60mg. Cymbalta would possibly not robotically make you believe larger, it is going to support you slowly get larger. You additionally have to get remedy and commonly different meds can also be further.

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    Perhaps your doctor thinks that is you are more relaxed than the spasms that are causing your pain will be relieved.


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