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Could the Atlanta Hawks suck any more?

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    They have Joe Johnson who is a superstar. Josh Smith is developing into one as well. They just drafted Al Horford who will be a scary running mate with Josh Smith. Acie Law IV is the best PG in the draft. Mike Conley Jr is in terms of skills better then Law. Acie Law IV, however is a floor general. He has more experience, therefor he will do better than Conley. Mabye not in the long run but now and a few years from now Acie will be better at leading a team. They have decent backups in Marvin Williams and Shelden Williams. Zaza Pachulia is not that bad, think of a younger Big Z. They can make it to the playoffs next year. They just need experience, the youngest team in the NBA. Give them a few years. I can think of worse teams though. Does Memphis ring a bell.

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    Atlanta fans must be just as clueless as the team!!! But in this case the team got it right. Though Mike Conley Jr is a better PG than Acie Law IV, the combination of Acie Law and Al Horford is better than anything Atlanta could of put together with Conley and the number 11 pick. And let's not forget, Atlanta does have talent, Joe Johnson, Josh smith, Marvin Williams, Shelden Williams and so on. Though some of those guys may not be the stars people thought they would be together they make a pretty formidable team in the eastern conference.Atlanta had a great draft, and mark my words, they will make the playoffs in two seasons if not next. One last thing, someone said Al Horford was only good because of the rest of those guys on Florida, WRONG!!! Take him off that team, we wouldn't know Joakim Noah is and Corey Brewer would have a tougher time doing what he does. Al Horford was those guys safety net. Big post bucket, he got it; big rebound, he got it; big block, he got it. Al Horford will be the 4th best player taken in this draft and the best Florida Gator taken.

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    for their situation, i think the horford and law picks were good for the hawks. conley could be better than the combined talent of both, but drafting horford and law filled both of the hawks' needs in their starting 5, a pg and a low-post scorer and defender. all the hawks need to compete now is an emotional leader (even a leader like darrell armstrong could be gotten for cheap) and a better coach. someone like rick carlisle could help atlanta. the hawks (pg - law, sg - johnson, sf - smith, pf - horford, c - pachulia) seem like a half-court team and carlisle is a half-court coach who led detroit and indiana to the next level. the hawks had a good draft and only need a few more pieces to compete at a higher level.

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    NO, they dont suck. Becuase of this they are able to probable grant J-Smoove extra, and via now seeing that no different group is offering him something he will probable re-sign with the Hawks. Secondly, are you forgetting Joe Johnson?? he's our terrific participant and has consistently lead us to wins in video games, and he will do much extra valuable this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. That and that they nevertheless have Bibby, no the terrific PG, yet a sturdy veteran PG that has additionally helped them. and that they have got 2 novices, Acie regulation, and Al Horford, that are arising into great gamers. So no they do no longer suck if something they could turn this right into a sturdy element, in the event that they use thier new cap area wisley (J-chill out leaving)they could probable sign a loose agent. =)

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    we are in the play offs here, not the damn draft. Jeff Teague is in a trance. Completely numb to the efforts of his team mates. The careless looks on his face indicate he can not deal with the presure of NBA play-off basketball.

    Schreador is good but cannot carry this Hawkes offense. Holford has a "pinkie" problem. Maybe so, since he has been laying bricks from game one. Those bricks will not hatch, and the 60 game winning Hawkes will not advance, and worse than that they will get scourged on their home court.


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    They'll back Next year in Draft But Al Holford and Acie Law IV will at Least Get them on the Right Track, I like They're Uniforms By the way.

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    They won't suck as much...but they'll still suck.

    Horford will be a nice player but will be nothing compared to Oden or Durant. The Hawks are still kicking themselves for passing on Chris Paul and Deron Williams a few years back.

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    I thought they made the right pick in Horford and Law is a good player but maybe he will be too small. They drafted Salim Stoudamire a couple years ago and he was pretty much the best guard in the country and he has not done anything as a pro, but we'll see. Infact Law reminds me of a bigger Salim but maybe the size will help him.

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    wrong Conley jr best PG. just give the hawks a couple more years. they should have taken conley they needed a PG

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    they arent that bad...... lot of talent along with an all star in joe johnson...... al horford is great young player who should fit in well..... look at their other young forwards: josh smith, marvin harrison, and josh childress..... atlanta can also trade one of those young guys in order to obtain someone else

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