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Who would win when it comes to motorcycle stunts: Evil Knievel or Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider)?

First, would Johnny Blaze outdo Evil Knievel (who's a has-been now)? Would Evil out do The Ghost Rider in motorcycle stunts? What do you think?


Many say Evil could beat Johnny/Ghost Rider. Evil is old, yet Johnny played evil in a different way (not the Evil character).

If Evil is old, he can still do some stunts.

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    umm johnny blaze is from a comic book and can set his skull on fire and cant die so i pick him....lol the only logical choice

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    I am mostly answering to vote on a best answer, but just to add to the conversation: Didn't they (Meaning Blaze and Ketch) turn out to be brothers or something? The first 25 issues or so of Ketch's book (the 90's Ghost Rider) were some of the best books produced in the 90's. Javier Salteres is a really good horror writer, and TEX was THE comic painter while Alex Ross was busy watching the Supefriends.

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    Since Johnny Blaze isn't real, Evel Knievel.

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    Evil Knievel!!!

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    johnny blaze would obviously out do evil knievel because no matter how crazy a stunt he wouldn't die because the devil is keeping him alive

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    Well consider this.

    Evil Kneivel is a very old man now.

    And Johnny Blaze is a fictional character.

    You decide. An old man or a fake man. Hmmmm hard choice.

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    I think Evil would beat him, because how much of the stunts were real versus CGI?

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    Evil would step it up and go big. Evil did things on Harleys that few people can do now on dirt bikes.

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    Ghost rider. He is the best. Awsome movie.

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