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I need help getting my DVR hard drive files onto my PC?

I have had Direct Tv DVR for a while now, im getting rid of it but i would like to keep my shows. How can i put the files from the hard drive on my PC?

I have already removed the drive and hooked it to my pc but they dont come up right. Can they be converted to burn onto a disc?

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    First: open your dvr box, then take out the hard drive.

    Second: open your computer case, then see if there any extra IDE cable. It looks like this http://homepage.igrocom.com.ua/images/cable/ide.jp...

    Now make sure to change the pin's position behind the hard drive to slave or master if you have two device connected in the IDE cable, select slave.

    Third: Turn on the computer then you'll see the Hard Drive or second hard drive. Double click to open the files.

    Hope it helps, Sorry for my English. but i'm here to help. Good Luck

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