iPod video hardrive going bad?

I was listening to a song, and it started to pause and pick up where it left off at. I have a 30GB video ipod that I got in April 2006, I'm thinking that might possibly be the problem, but I can't get a new one without paying alot for a replacement. It's also starting to make those grinding sounds. Is there anything I can do? I know resetting it won't really fix this, maybe it's time to just listen to music on my phone...because this is my third iPod since Christmas 2004. My old ones did the same thing, exept it'd skip the song entirely. Ugh, what should I do?


Okay, hyessaian_15, don't be such an ***. I don't want to have to buy another ipod if its just gonna break again. Why would I waste my money on that? Don't insult me and call me retarded...if you werent gonna give a helpful answer, you shouldn'tve answered. Like, it just annoys me soooo much that you're implying I'm a total moron and I have no money. I just want to be PRACTICAL. Why don't YOU use YOUR brain instead of assuming things. It's common sense not to insult people for no general reason, especially for something as materialistic as an ipod on yahoo answers....

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    Actually, resetting this might fix it. There have been some iPod viruses going around and you may have one. Backup all of your songs on your iPod using a program and reset your iPod.

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    This the reason i continuously do virus test on detachable units earlier beginning them. the answer is acquire an antivirus installation it replace it & test for viruses. If it would not sparkling up your project then sparkling installation domicile windows.

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    ur sooooo retarded if you know that its old GET A NEW ONE if u can't aford it then shutup and just throw it away

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