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cartilage piercing, which ear?


i was wondering if you were a girl, and you were planning to get a cartilage piercing on your ear, which ear would go get it on? and also does it matter?

because i wanted to pierce it on my right ear, beacause i have this birthmark thing [it's like a bump] on my left ear, but then i sleep and talk on the phone mostly on my right. suggestions?

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    I think you should go do it on the left, but then again, it's really up to you in the end. I got mine in freshman year, now I'm a Senior and I decided to put it on my right, just for the heck of it since I'm right handed (pretty lame reason). It also depends on how you sleep because that does affect your cartilage piercing, especially if it's new. You wouldn't want to sleep on the wrong side of the bed now would you? For me, I usually sleep on my left side, so it was no problem. Once my piercing was fully "adapted" on my ear for about 6 months or so, I could sleep on the right side as well, but it may irritate your ear from placing pressing on your ear/earring as you sleep. I remember my pierced cartilage got irritated everytime I slept on the right side for a long time with my earring on. Then I would have to take off the piercing until the cartilage healed again. Talking on the phone is no biggy, I talk on the phone on my right as well, and it doesn't bother me. I think the side where you sleep is a big factor, then again, after the first 6 months, you can take off the earing when you sleep. Other than that, I think you can keep your birthmark visible (if you want it to) and still have a cartilage piercing on your left ear. Just tell the person who'll be piercing you to pierce it somewhere on your cartilage, but still keep your birthmark visible.

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    I don't know how your birthmark would react to a piercing, but just know that which ever side you get you can't really sleep on or apply pressure to it. Also, you should consider where you part your hair. I know it sounds stupid but when I got the piercing on my left ear, I parted my hair on the right. Since the majority of my hair was on my left side, it got tangled in with my earring a lot and was kinda of painful to get it out. Weird right? Haha. And also, the first week or two ear felt perfectly fine so I'd sleep on it and everything but then it hurt and got red so just be careful. Most people I've talked to said the second week's the worst. Good luck and be creative with your earrings!!

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    i think it matters because when you first get it pierced you don't want to put pressure on it (like if you were to lay on it)

    so you would want to pierce the ear that you put less pressure on...i think that would help for the first few weeks when the piercing is still tender...afterwards it shouldnt really matter.

    but as you say you are worried about a beauty mark...well if it is something like a freckle..well that isnt bad at all. kind of cute like people know its you. haha

    though if it really does bother you than that would be the best way to cover it up, and when you are talking on the phone just move it down a little..but the sleeping part may be hard. but hopefully you can get through it or maybe try gettig comfortable on the other side.

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    This takes alot of time to heal in view which you in step with iced cartilage not pores and skin so its a gradual technique while therapeutic is going on months be careful to not sleep on hit or pull on will take longer

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    i think you should pierce it on your left ear. (: BUT BE CAREFUL, you should go to a proper / pro-ish place to pierce your ears, especially cartilage. because theres this vein or wtver in your ear thats connected to your eyes, if you pierce it right on that spot, you'll go blind. i happens on both sides of you ear. remember, you're getting a piercing to look better, you wouldn't want to go blind. (: but. go for the left ear

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    for some reason

    the left ear is better

    it still hurt for me though

    i got both ears

    left ear felt better the next day though

    the right ear...not so much

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    my friend got her cartilige piercing on her left ear. i don't really think it matters which side. just be aware that you won't be able to sleep on the side you choose for about 3 months, it's freakin painful!

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    Well i got mine periced last summer on the left ear. It doesn't really matter i don't think. Just if you get it make sure you clean it really good because mine got infected,...ew.

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