The Phrase two moons from now?

My friend brought it up and he wouldnt alaberate on it so if u could help??

I hear it supposivly is native american??idk

Thanx ;D

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    The phrase means 2 months. Each month has a new moon and if it is 2 moons from now that would be 2 months from now.

    Sacred Magic of Abramelin: The Second Book: The Seventh Chapter ...In this manner shall ye commence your Oration, and continue thus every morning during the first two Moons or Months

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    Two moons (the saying) means the same time ago as the

    2 moons that have appeared in the sky, this ranges from

    the usual two months to one month (like June 2007).

    As one or two moons is equal to one month and two

    moons is two months, this forms up the phrase rather

    than just saying months, me say moons.

    Many moons ago means many months.

    Yonks usually means years and skies means


    Two Moons was a chief of the Cheyenne Native American tribe. He participated in the Battle of the Little Bighorn. He was one of three models for the Indian Head nickel. He owned two large moons in his bedrooms. He sold them for $15, 000 to the Washington D.C. Museum in 1921.

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    I only answered this to make one more point that I don't think anyone else did. As everyone else said, two moons is two months. The word month actually derives from moon, the Old English word for which is mona; month was in Old English monath. In the U.S., we usually associate the use of "moon" for month with Native Americans, but moon=month is pretty common in the world. Unfortunately, we in the U.S. tend to lose sight of the connection that exists between the natural world and the cycles which we use to conduct our lives.

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    Uhm... as far as I know... most ancient civilizations drew time according to the moon's cycles. Moon's Blood is a woman's menstral cycle (once the moon was a sign of when a woman's menstration would start as it was the only way to tell how long had passed) Moon cycles and moons are all ways of telling time.

    In Japanese, I believe, Gatsu is a month and it actually means moon, so January is ich-gatsu, Febuary is ni-gatsu and such on, so their calender pretty much counts the months as "first moon, second moon, third moon" etc.

    A moon usually is determined by where the moon is in the sky and at which phase of its cycle and two moons hence (meaning that same phase of moon returns twice) then the time is up.

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    Some peoples used to measure the time that passes by moons. Some still do - the lunar calendar. Today we use a modified solar calendar, which is slightly more accurate. A moon is 28 and a half days - roughly a month. It's like saying "two months from now."

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    It's similar to the phrase "many moons ago" and other phrases. It's a measurement of time.

    One moon = roughly one month, because that's how long it takes for the full moon cycle to complete.

    Two moons is roughly two months, etc...

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    about 2 months from now. Use your noodle! :)

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