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Can anyone explain this to me?

can anyone explain to me about how to recharge that zen mp3 player? what happens after 10 hours? do u buy a new battery or what? i'm confused...T.T


rez? plug wat in?

Update 2:

is there a usb cord for me to plug it in the computer or what? or i hav to buy the ac adapter to recharge it right?

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    It will play music for 10 hrs. on one charge. After that you either charge it with an ac adapter or plug it in to the computer.

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    i think it might have a rechargable battery. They're saying that with 500 songs in it, you can listen to it for 10 hours straight without having to recharge the battery.

    hope that helped

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    The battery lasts 10 hours before you have to charge it again. After it goes dead, simply plug it in and charge it.

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    The usb cable is to transfer/sync your music to your player.

    you replace the AAA battery from the store. No rechargeable battery.

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    the usb cable is included and charges your battery

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