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Pet Raccoons?

I have found a orphined raccon as the result of a construction site. He is small maybe 2 lbs. I don't know how old he is. He is blind in one eye from some sort of trauma. I thought of making him a pet. Don't know how to have him vaccinated for rabies. Any advice would be helpful. Thanx

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    Contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. You can find one here:

    These people have the training and the resources to care for the orphaned raccoon without endangering their own health.

    Do not try to care for the raccoon yourself. If you live in the US, it IS illegal to keep a raccoon, even for a short time, without the proper permits. It is also extremely dangerous.

    "RACCOON DISEASES: They are a common carrier of rabies, a potentially fatal disease. They also carry canine distemper, which can kill your dog. Their feces may contain raccoon roundworm, the spores of which humans can breath in and become seriously infected by."

    "The raccoon roundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis) is a serious public health concern. This parasite is transmitted through the ingestion or inhalation of eggs passed in raccoon feces. Children should be prevented from playing in areas where raccoons have defecated. Raccoons are also hosts for the zoonotic (transmittable to humans) disease leptospirosis, but the incidence is so low as to be of concern only to people who routinely come into contact with these animals, such as wildlife rehabilitators or animal control officers." (And possibly you, if you keep the raccoon)

    Source(s): former volunteer - Avian Rehabilitation Center
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    I agree with Fae. In many states it is illegal to keep them as pets and if you do keep it as a pet you may need a special permit to. It probably would be best to call the local DNR. There are very good about helping out and taking care of wild animals that need help.

    If you can keep it, they can make very good pets if the raccoon is raised up from a young enough age. However, on the other hand, raccoons also have the potential to be very very mean and aggressive. So be very careful.

    If I were you, I'd call the DNR before attempting anything at all. Better to be informed by the right people (DNR) than to get into trouble.

    Even doing something such as putting a deer out of its misery after it has been hit or caught in a fence can have heavy penalties. Doing something like that say for instance if you shot it with a gun without a hunting permit or DNR permission could cause a person to pay fines, loose their gun, and possibly even lose their car.

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    Call a wildlife sanctuary that can give this raccoon the proper care to survive and thrive.. Blind in one eye does not make an animal unreleasable or handicapped all the time, It could even be an obstruction or an inury that is healable. but its critical to get him/her to someone knowledgable now in order for the baby to survive. do not take him to a zoo because they are considered a common animal - not exotic.

    Some may think they can do it alone but the mistake most people make is improper nutrition and too much human imprinting too late.

    In most states its illegal to keep a raccoon unless you have a proper license and you cannot apply for one while a 'coon is in your possession (because you would be technically violating the law because you don't have the license yet)

    When a raccoon is a bit older and reaches sexual maturity - thats when they can start to get aggressive. He/she won't be as much a danger to you now - but don't wait for danger to happen. Do what is best for the raccoon now.

    Source(s): rescued an injured raccoon
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    Thats illegal in most parts of the world. I understand that your heart is in the right place but they are ment to be in the wild. However if he is blind that may change things. Contact your local wildlife refuge as they are experts on this kind of thing. If you proceeded in getting a licence it MAY be possible to keep him depending on where you live. If not and he cant be released contact local wildlife centers and maybe you can visit him at times. Good luck with your new friend!

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    I had a friend who raised one. We went to the dollar store and bought him a baby bottle for it, and then, then he bottle fed it because it was hungry and whining because it needed milk. That bonded him to my friend, and later I saw the thing grow up even to running around with his dogs and cats... He fed it dog food, and carrots etc. No problem.

    They are fine animals, but not necessarily for cuddling. they do bite (often) and are not as tame as dogs or cats, but if you want ,you can keep him around and let him run with your animals.. my friend did that. Eventually he might go back to the wild.

    Oh yeah, take him to the vet for a rabies and distemper shot.... He will nip you playfully but he doesn't know his own strength. Expect some scratches and bites as a matter of course, but hopefully not infected with rabies...

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    Raccoons are wild animals, and no matter how hard you try, it will always be unpredictable, especially if it can't see in one eye. They are also extremely prone to many different types of diseases. Find out where your local wildlife rehab or rescue is and have them come and take care of him, you should not.

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    I once knew someone with a pet raccoon( in North Dakota in 1970something), just take him to the vet, and get the vaccinations there. You also might take him to the zoo if the vet doesn't want to help you.

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    How beautiful :) My neighbor had a puppy squirrel who got here to my backyard and while my decrease back became grew to become he pulled on the backside of my denims. To my marvel as quickly as I circled it became a squirrel and then he positioned his 2 paws jointly and gestured for me to feed it. i visit on no account recover from it. i became so scared on the commencing up not understanding he became a puppy :)

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    good job on getting the racoon. some people would be scared and ignore it!!!! and it is illigal in some parts. if it is, try to get it to the zoo, etc. and racoons tend to get aggresive and they have sharp, SHARP teeth. and it might be and adult.but if it is still okay, and you dont mind, first,go to your vet. some people have racoons for pets. if the vet says he or she doesnt know how to deel with racoons, go on the net and find a special vet who looks at any pet, even a racoon. then, ask the vet what it eats, and how to deel with it. if you dont know a vet like that, try to deel with the problem youself. go on the net and try typing things like, 'how to take care of a racoon'. and get it cleaned, let it take a bath, and dont give it things you dont know if it is okay. and i hope you live a happy life with your racoon. i hope this helped.

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    Even "bottle baby" racoons become !MEAN! when they hit maturity. They turn on their "parents" and become unmanagable.

    Unmanagable pets aren't welcome at zoos. Racoons used to being around people make nuisances of themselves until someone euthanizes them.


    Take the baby to a wildlife rehabilitation center. They have resourses, knowledge, and experience to help the little guy.

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