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Does the american supreme court's desegregation ruling mean that "bussing" is coming to an end?

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    the court seems pretty intent on coming up with decisions that make everything just about as clear as mud.

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    Let's hope so. Bussing is a failed substitute for actual achievement in schools. It probably had a place at one time to help better educate students who were disadvantaged by institutionalized racism. In today's world the color of anyone's skin should not be a criteria for access to a school or for access to any institution in society. Institutionalized and government sanctioned racism as defined by the civil rights movement in the '50s and '60s is dead, replaced by the politics of racism that seeks to segregate and identify all Americans in some sort of cultural/economic caste in order to perpetuate stereotypes of an individuals abilities and to find blame when opportunities to succeed are squandered.

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    What they said was that you can't use race as a reason for it. Many people even in the inner cities were just as unhappy about their child getting shipped so far away. The best think I read was where obama tried to pretend he was bussed. What that in Hawaii? Or when he was a practicing Muslin? Or when he was going to the ivy league school? Such a hypocrite. We will never be rid of racism in this country until we have equal rights and not special rights. Why can't liberals see that. They are the cause for the minorities to be kept down so long.

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    This ruling has nothing to do with busing. It has to do with the use of racial classification as a "tiebreaker" to decide which transfer requests to approve and which schools to send students to. The Supreme Court made the correct decision today as the use of race to determine placement in school is a clear violation of the fourteenth amendment's guarentee to equal protection under the law.

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    Probably not--the case is being blown out of proportion--it is just dealing with a few special situations.

    People don't look at the whole story, and the media doesn't help. The politicians will lie to make their side of the story look better.

  • It would benefit all children, irregardless of "color", if it did. In some school districts, children spend up to 3 hours morning and 3 hours in the afternoon riding on the bus, just for "racial harmony". I don't know about you, but I would not want to do that. It is not good for children's social development, their health, their education or anything else.

    It is time to put a stop to this farce.

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