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Now that ive got your attention I'd like to ask why there is so many dumb people. I;ve asked a bunch of questions and the past 2 have ogne unanswered, and all the otherones either have stupid copy and pasted answers. Or dumb sarcastic answers "pick up your six pack at a local beer store".

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    awww babe i never saw your questions id have answered them ill blow you a kiss hpefully that will chear you up mmmwah x ;0)

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    Hmm...well, I gotta say - some of your questions require very specialized knowledge to answer. Unfortunately, until someone WITH that knowledge finds your Q - it's open to every bored moron on YA (and yes, there are many) to zap in with a stupid response and get their 2 points.

    When you are asking questions relating to body image - you are always going to attract sad folks who, because they think you are self-obsessed, will want to put you down in some way. Sad, really, that some people need to do this to make their own shortcomings less overwhelming.

    I don't think they're jerks, just insecure & probably a little envious. But hey... I'm old - what do I know? LOL.

    Persevere with your questions - (maybe resist the temptation to say you're stoned - that's just an invite for a put-down) & hope that someone with knowledge and good information will take the time to answer. Good luck.

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    I have to say, that was a great way to get a person's attention.

    For your two unanswered questions, you can see on the main Answers page that your question will appear once when you submit it before it's pushed onto page two and whatnot to make room for other questions. Really, pretty much the only people who will ever even see your question are the people who were on that page when you submitted your question.

    As for all the stupid answers that people ask, I'm guessing that they just wanted to get the 2 points or they thought that they were being funny. Yeah, isn't it funny how inconsiderate people can be?

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    I am not sure what questions you have asked to be able and help you as much..

    Some people want to look smart, that would explain the copy-pasting (Does not mean they are not smart but they may have not known the answer to that question in particular and wanted points), but I only like answering questions that dont require searching, i think it is better to help people with info you already know, well thats just me.

    It might be the types of questions you ask. Maybe explain your questions more/make them more intresting so people want to take a look and answer them.

    The people who are being sarcastic are probably just bored/want to look cool.

    Oh, and refrian from using the word Jerks.. probably wont impress the readers! ;)

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    I think it's because there are so many repeated questions on here that people get tired of them. You should always search the questions first to see if you can find an answer before repeating the same questions over and over. I see an awful lot of questions regarding six packs for instance.

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    I have never seen your questions because I usually only check questions on topics in which I am interested and if yours are in health and diet I wouldn't see them, usually.

    It came up in a list today before I moved to my areas of interest so I answered. Had it been later and your question further down the list; I wouldn't have seen it.

    So, I suggest you look at the topic where you are posting your question, to make sure it fits, and then try to make your question interesting.

    I have had enough answers removed here to qualify as a jerk; I think, at least in some people's opinions.

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    as for ur unanswered questions: well, i dont answer them cause i dont know the answer, simple as that

    as for ur answered questions: ppl are just dumb asses sometimes on here. remember they're just human. we're all dumb asses at some point or another, lol

    "pick up your six pack at a local beer store" - what the hell? that's not even funny, jeeze, lol u really got that as one of ur answers?? sad......

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    I know I can be like that too, and I know thats happened to me. I fell your pain. But we just get bored and feel like messing around, or we feel like we're not going to write out our full answer thats real because that takes to long, so insted we say "pick up your six pack beer"

  • deb
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    1 decade ago

    Asking questions like this one opens you up to criticism. Was that your intention?

    By the way, if someone takes their time to answer your question, even if its cut and paste they acknowledged that your question was worth an attempt. They didn't have to do even that, and apparently you don't have enough sense to be grateful. They didn't have to help you at all.

  • Kelly
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    1 decade ago

    Because a lot of people here enjoy being an irritant to others instead of giving worthwhile, thoughtful answers.

  • 1 decade ago

    Some people don't care about your question, they just want their two points. I haven't seen your other questions, so I don't know why people didn't answer them.

    There is a lot of sarcasm here, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's really annoying.

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