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Is it really true that the Israeli Tavor Assault Rifle is going to replace the M-16 and AK-47?

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    The AK47 is cheap and found everywhere. Even a few in the US.

    The M16 is already being phased out by the M4.

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    first of all, NOTHING, will ever replace the AK47.

    Secondly, the tavor isn't that great of a weapon. There are some other bullpup style rifles that have been out for years and are just as good if not better than the tavor. Plus, the only reason why the israelies are going to use it is because they want to support their country's firearm company ( IMI ). Lets just say we do replace the M16A2, it won't be replaced by the tavor.

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    Whilst the Tavor barrel and clips are manufactured in the USA and the rifle handles the desert environment considerably better than the M16 or any of its derivatives the likelihood of US servicemen carrying a foreign rifle into combat is unlikely, however good that rifle.

    The replacement should have been the leading candidates in the US Army OICW program, the XM8 or the XM29. The program was cancelled in 2005. The Tavor was never considered as one of the candidates apparently.

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    I doubt it the M4 has already gotten the official nod, and it is years before a new rifle is phased out. The M-16/AK-47 has been around almost 40 years. Cost of shells are a major factor now days when it comes to weapons. And as strange as it may sound environmental issues are appearing in the selection of shells, there is a push to eliminate lead and steel with a composite.

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    This weapon has been in R&D since the 1990s. It's a weapon system that is talored to the IDF need with several varients. I personly like the bull-pup design and like the H&K type is perfect for house to house CQC (Close Quaters Combat) This isn't any desrespect for the Colt but it's time to replace that old warior and upgrade. Warchild!

  • C J
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    It should. Any weapon that Israel Military Industries puts together is soldier friendly, accurate, and rugged. I've seen the Tavor in action, and it is an awesome weapon. I don't think the U.S. military will adopt it, but it certainly should be considered.

  • Anonymous
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    I can't imagine the AK-47 being replaced.

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    Yes. Reference confirming it is below.

    However it is a bull pup design. Be rather nasty if a person grabbed one set up for a right handed person and tried to shoot it left handed. Spent shell casings crammed into your ear. Not fun!

    And unfortuately thanks to the stupid M16, this is going to be another underpowered gun firing the 5.56 NATO round.

    Just goes to show you how a bad decision gets passed on for years.

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