anyone with ferrets help?

Okay I have a ferret has had her since January and the other day she got her claw stuck on something and ripped it out. I was wondering if anyone has had one do this too, and if it will grow back


booboo where do you live some states it is illegal

Update 2:

before I select best answer I just wanted to let you all knwo yes I do trim her claws, Infact I had just done it that night while she was in her bath. it is easier for me to clip them when giving her bath , I only bath her once a month but if I have to her claws get trimmed in between thank you all for your help.

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    Depending on where the nail ripped out it may or may not grow back. Just keep the toe clean to keep it from getting infected.

    DO NOT even think about declawing anything, cat or ferret. It's not like clipping a nail it's essentially the amputation of the last link of the toe and just downright cruel.

    Do you clip your ferrets' nails on a regular basis? It's part of basic grooming along with ear cleaning, teeth brushing, bathing, aso. I do mine once or twice a month. You are setting your ferret up for bad injuries if you don't do it or have it done at the vets or by someone who knows.

    I drip a little bit of FerreTone on my ferrets' belly and while they are busy licking that off I can clip all four of their paws with no problems while they sit on my lap. One of mine is actually such a sound sleeper that I can cut his through the cage while he's snoozing. I use straight toe nail clippers for it.

    Make sure you have styptic stick or powder handy. It will stop bleeding in case you clip too close to the quick. It happens sometimes.

    Good luck to you.

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    Yes, it will grow back. But you need to put an antibiotic creme on the paw where he lost the claw or it could get infected. Just an over the counter antibiotic creme will do, and you dont need to bandage it unless he/she won't stop licking.

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    Did this ferret go to the vet????? Often the nail doesn't grow back. If you haven't got this poor ferret to the vet - please do. And please be sure to trim its nails on a regular basis so this doesn't happen again.

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    i'd think this may be just like havine them declawed by the vet . if this broke off far enough it may not grow back. however im not a vet and maybe u should call 1 to c what they say. sorry to hear that.

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    i dont have one but i garenti it will not grow out my dog lost a nail and did not grow

    sorry for you ferret and....u

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    where the hell did u get a ferret...ive been looking for them everywhere!

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