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How do I get her hair?! (pic inside)?

How do I get her hair, when my hair is so thick it won't hold a curl to long? It will hold about half a day. I want this look SO bad.. Help?!


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    You can go to the hairdressers to get his done permanently. Or they can put rollers in your hair to achieve this look.

    You can also use John Freida beach spray to get that look as well.

    If you happen to braid your hair when wet, you can use a sculpting product that will keep your hair wavy when its dry.

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    You remember those "Wrap, snap & go" commercials? Those work really well, because theyre in your hair for hours. After you take them out, brush it through, and just spray with hair spray :]

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    Use a large barrel curling iron. It should give you the curls you desire.

    Source(s): i'm a cosmetology student!
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    if you have straight hair

    wash it and then braid it in two braids at night

    then in the morning take it down.

    it should look something like that. =]

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  • 1 decade ago

    i dont know.

    my hair never

    wants to curl

    when i try.

    so maybe you

    could try

    scrunching it.

    that always works

    with my hair and it

    looks ah-dorable. =D

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    well idk becos my hair never wants to stay curly like that.. ive actually been tryna get my hair like that too but what i do know is do NOT get a perm

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    get a perm

  • 1 decade ago

    don't cut it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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