I just bought a 13 ft pop up pool vynl. What do I put in the pool to maintain it clear and clean.?

what steps and products do I use.

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    You are going to need a test kit that tests for the following:

    Total chlorine

    Free chlorine



    If you don't happen to have one you need to take a sample of the water down to your local pool store and have them test for the following:

    Total chlorine

    Free chlorine

    Combined chlorine




    Cyanuric acid

    Total dissolved solids



    Bring the results back and post them or email them to me at robandliz1992@yahoo.com and I can put together a tailored maintenance schedule for you. Please include the gallons of the pool, filtration system, and any chemicals you've used so far.

    The chemicals I suggest for use are ones you can find outside of the pool store for less price. I don't sell chemicals, just advise folks on the easiest way to maintain their pools for the least amount of expense and effort.

    Baking soda is used to increase alkalinity

    Borax is used to increase pH

    Bleach is used to add chlorine

    These are the basic chemicals one needs to maintain a pool but others may or may not be needed depending on the chemistry.

    Source(s): Registered CPO (Certified Pool Operator) with the National Swimming Pool Federation http://www.nspf.com/ and maintaining public access swimming pools for many years now. Owner/Admin of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/robs_swimmingpool/
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    chlorine and a filter

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