how to survive high school?

ok im going to be a freshmen when we go back to school, i want to know what tips i need to know to survive high school, i mean freshmen year seniors are gunna be giving us a bad time...right. so can you guys give me tips for surviving what is suposed to be the best years of your life.


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    Live it up, try hard and enjoy whats left of your youth. Prepare for your future by taking class seriously but still have fun while your there. High school is a blur when you enter "the real world" I wish I had focused more on getting better grades and tried to not focus so much on what people though of me and more on just being me. Good Luck!!

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    1. Stay out of trouble. It could of been fun in middle school and elementary but getting into trouble in high school is a whole other story.

    2. GET INVOLVED. Sign up for clubs to meet new people. It's amazingly fun and you get the most of it. Especially when you are a freshman.

    3. Don't fall behind in ANY class. Stay ahead. Always do homework, study, have materials. Even if you think you can make up homework that you never did, just don't take the chance.

    4. DON'T WORRY. Don't stress. Meet new people, have fun, live your life, and enjoy school while it lasts.

    You will miss it. (: Good luck!

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    Will...Its not really hard to survive highschool i'm gonna be a junior. But my school is really small there's like 140 people. All you have to do is make lots of friends that can help you survive oh and try to make some senior friends. Ok well good luck FISH!

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    High school is not like what you saw on TV and movies.Nothing change really.You only see more stuffs,bigger buildings and facilities and more older people.

    It's not a big deal actually.And hell no,the seniors don't really make fun of you.They in fact are really nice people.Some are popular,in the school football team or cheerleading.And they're willing to teach you and give you lotsa tips on how to get into the school teams.My seniors are awesome.Even after they left high school,we're still best of friends and I still look up to them.Don't worry.When you're there,just be yourself.

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    Be who you are. Love what you do, do what you love. Get the best education you can and try to rrememberthat you matter, not the cliches, etc. I hated HS, but learned to cope and ignore the crap and the nasties. I suspect that you are already years ahead in the terms of your education. You are there to get the credits you need to get that diploma and get on to college. Check and see if there are dual enrollments w/ a local community college or university. Take the classes you want, which I suspect are levels ahead of the rest of the student body. I won't lie and say it will be ok, because kids can be sooo nasty. Keep your dignity and don't downplay your intelligence EVER!!!! Have faith in yourself and be who you are!!!!

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    1---Dont Ever try to come in acting like your the star of the school cause upperclass men will set u straight really quick

    (and do bad things to you)

    2---Dont try to cut the lines in lunch were all gunna get their at the same time and also alot of seniors and upperclass men will push you out of the line if you get in front of them

    3---Ask teachers where a place is dont ask fellow students people will think you are stupid you wnat the upperclassmen to think you are a junior or something then tehy wont mess with you

    4---dont try to set a status for yourself right away let it ease in

    because it might end up being a joke to other people

    5-- first impressions are everthing to a teacher

    if you walk in on the first day and you walk or even look like you are a trouble maker teachers will have something against you

    6--dont try to look cool infront of your friends and throw things at a kid u dont know cause he might just shoot you a week later (especially at my highschool)

    7--If you have a g/f or b/f dont let teachers,admin,or cops see you kiss thats ISS right their its not fun but some teachers let it slide...they will be like save it for later or tehy will just look at you no biggy do it wont get in that much trouble besides iss is you get to eat and drink and play games in there

    8-- Dont sweat the first day the upperclass men are not gunna make ur life horrible unless u deserve it

    like dont try to act like you are better than teh upperclass men

    in fact try to make friends with them...

    also dont sleep in class..someschool give you tons of homework for that

    try to get along with the teachers because you never know what the teacher will give you for apologizing for something you did

    make sure you know the school well dont have a map with you if you are lost in school..alot of the people will think you are wierd most of the kids there want you to find your way around school all by yourself and usually for freshmen teachers let that stuff slide..

    good luck

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    be nice to everyone!

    just stay out of the senior's way(they usually leave you alone, but just in case ones feeling like an a$$)

    dont forget lunch money

    bring extra deoderant on gym class day

    dont sleep in class

    dont smart off to teachers

    bring your books to class

    dont be late to class

    ask parent to bring tylonal/asprin to the nurses office, so you can go take some when needed

    try to have fun!

    Source(s): survivor of high school and college!
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    Seniors won't really give you a hard time. You probably won't be anywhere near them. Just participate in the activities i.e., sports, dances, parties, hang with friends. Also make sure you keep up with your work. You wouldn't want to fail.

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    just don't be annoying.. and hopefully everything will be okay

    the upperclassmen are gonna be mean no matter what

    they will randomly pick on you and call you names for no apparent reason, just so that they can feel cool and laugh

    i think they're something wrong with them..

    but some are nice too..

    i guess if you hang out in a group

    it lessens the chance of getting picked on.

    Source(s): im gonna be a junior in highschool so i kinda know what it was like be a freshman
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    1 decade ago

    all of the stuff out there are pure myths. It's like grade 8 all over again except with some minor changes including the building.

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