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Would you have and abortion for the sake of your career?

This is more personal.

is nothing to be offensive that i m asking.

Is just a reality that have been seen, all over world.

If you don´t like the question . Please don't answer it.

But if you do, think first.

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    No I wouldn't have an abortion for my career. That is my personal opinion. There are also many valid reasons women have abortions I just don't think this is one of them.

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    Well, I had the option of aborting my first child because I wasn't ready to have a child and I had a career to consider, but I made the decision to go ahead with the pregnancy because what right do I have to take a human life for the sake of more money? I did the deed, and I took full responsibility.

    Ps, the child has just turned 9, and he's a real little man now :)

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    No, I would not. There is nothing like the bond and love you feel for a child. I am a married mother of three. All three of my kids were unexpected in a good way. I had to many physical problems with birth control methods. So my husband and I tried our best, but we got pregnant. Even with three kids, I have managed to complete my BA degree. Now my two older kids go to school full time and my little guy will start school in about a year's time. I am thirty years old, my childbearing days are complete and I can focus on beginning a career. The sacrifices I have made to begin my career sooner than I am going to were worth EVERY amazing moment. I have NO regrets.

    Money comes and goes. Stable jobs are non existant. A company can lay off people at anytime. I have seen people with great careers postpone having children until they were "financially stable". Well they are well into their forties and regret not ever having children for the sake of their career. Money comes and goes. Your children are your legacy. You find ways to provide for them.

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    -No, I wouldn't have an abortion for the sake of my career.

    -I don't want children and haven't for most of my adult life. I come from a very violent family, and I didn't want to take any chances that I would ever treat a child like I was treated.

    -I am also familiar with foster programs and orphanages, and I would not want to put any child through that either.

    -I do everything I can to remain childless, but I don't consider either alternative, abortion or orphanages, a good choice

    -I support a woman's right to choose, no matter what the circumstances, since I don't know what her history is or what her reasons are for making her decision

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    No. Nursing is one career you can go back to after children. Even if it was for the wrong reasons (not everything to do with sex is the person's own fault) why I became pregnant I still wouldn't have an abortion. What happened isn't the unborn child's fault and you can never reverse it.

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    The missing component in that question is regarding a desire to have children at all. If a career woman doesn't want children at all, then it is understandable for her to choose to abort an unwanted child. But for one who wants children, I would suggest she is making a mistake that she may regret in the future.

    As for me, I am pro choice. And I do not want children. But that means that effective means of birth control have ALWAYS been deployed. Should I have found myself in the 1% of accidental pregnancies then, yes, I would have an abortion for my career...

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    I'm not a woman, but the career I'm pursuing requires that I finish my degree. If I quit now to "take care of" a child, I would not be able to make enough money to support him or her. It wouldn't be fair to the rest of my life or the rest of my child's life to bring him or her into this world.

    However, I would probably rather give the child up for adoption. I'm athletic, attractive, smart and talented in several other arenas. I think I would have good genes to pass down, so I'm sure a loving family would be willing to take whatever I accidentally created.

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    Pregnancy was a wonderful time for me and I would never choose a career over a child. However, I think it is a medical procedure and as such should be regulated and safe.

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    The only time I would have an abortion would be if I was raped. However creating a child by my choice to have sex and killing it, I'm sorry but I consider that wrong.

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    I see it as killing a baby, so no. In my mind, an abortion is the same as putting a gun to the head of a 2 year old.

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