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I hate my breasts?

Ok, well I'm a b cup almost an A and I think they are so big! My mom says that I will like them once I get older, and I don't think so. Considering I'm 18 and still don't like them since I was 11 and she's been telling me the same answer since! What can I do to minimize the size! And I've only been an A-B never as big as a C ever since I was 10!


I want smaller breasts and I don't like them because there ugly, I personally hate the look of breasts!

Update 2:

I guess to me A or B cup size for a breast on me is big! But you know thats me maybe not you!

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    do you know what i would do for a B cup??????? im a 32A but i guess the only think you can really do is get a breast reduction

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    Girl I Would love to be a size or two bigger. I'm almost 30 and have been a size A every since I hit puberty plus I had 4 kids. Im sure you probaly already had some good answers,but sports bra will help.

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    A b cup isnt big...there average sized... You can wear a minimizer basically flattens your breasts so they appear smaller. Why don't you like your breasts...thats the more important issue...?

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    What are you saying? Sounds like you want smaller breast but you are only a size B cup? You don't have any big boobs girlfriend.

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    I think B-cup is the perfect size, but if you're not comfortable with them, try wearing a sport bra to hold them in a little.

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    B cup! You got the perfect size...all those guys who like the D+ ..are stupid..all about the smaller boobs<3333333333333333333333333

    Anyways don't worry about it. Just another physical body part(s) that attracts guys.

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    You can't make your breast smaller, but if you wear baggy clothes(tops) then that should make them look smaller.

    Good luck, hope this helps!

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    learn to love your breast..many people willingly to pay plastic surgery surgeon just to get bigger breast

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    why dont you try my teraphy and apply virgin oil,it helps

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